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Hasheesh Smoking

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A traveler returned frorn aii exteiisive sojonrn iu Turkey has this to say oí the famous drng: Among my purchases at the drugs bazaar at Coustantiuople was hasheesh. It is strictly illegal to buy or Bell this, aud tho vender inade a great show of mystery about the trausaiiou, besides oharging rne ten timo3 the right price. It is a soit black stick or coil, made with indiau hemp aud snndry sweet cssences. It may either be druuk with water, eaten as it is, srnoked in hubble hubbles or smoked iu little terra cotta pipes. It is said to have the power of confcrriug a dual personalitj upon those who take it. dreams are cxtraordiiiarily vivid, and every detail of them is reniomberod for a long time afterward. They do not go off to sleep, but have a kiud of fit, which does not sound particularly agreeable, though for some reasou or other is evidently popular. These at least aro said to be the coniiuonest efi'ects of the drug, but it affects different people in different ways, and so some get no fnrther than a bad headache. It lias been used by magicians evei siuco the middle ages. 1 reniember duriug ihe e.soterio Buddhisiu craze some years ago a friend of mine who waa bitten by it got hold of some hasheesh and ate it, 'u the expoctatiou of being able to project bis soul across th9 gardeu. Tho hasheesh was badly mixed, and a heavy doso of it bad no effect whatever. He foïiiid that his soul persisted iu renraining wbere it was. So he grew bold aud helyed hiniself to auothei lump, iu which all the strength of the hemp hnppened to beconcentrated. The result was that two doctors had to walk him up and down the garden all night to prevent his falling into a sleep that would know no waking. Though its use is forbidden in Coustautinople, hasheesh is said to beextensively smoked thero, especially ainoug the Persians. I told my guide that I must see this sight, and after a great deal of trouble I managed to get taken to a real hasheesh den. It was a fairly large squaro room, with a divau running all around it. The walls were ■whitewashed, and the carpets on the floor were cheap and shabby. One common oil lamp hung from the oeiMng, with a big green shade. The center of the room was empty, and there wers no tables or looking glasses in it. Two men were squatting Turkish fashion on the divan. For a loug time they seemed to be iu a kind of trance, slabbering at tbo corners oí their lips and mutteriug like naadmen. After a short time one of them became livelier and more exoited. He burst into a wild laugh whioh shook bis whole body. He placed bis hand to his nose, and beginning to stroke ifc at the top passed his hand down into the air as if his nose had reached an iuordinate length. An attendant passed by with a cofEee cup, and the smoker made a wild effort to turn aside his head, angrily telling the attendant to be off, as he was treading on his nose. Then oame another wild burst of laughter, and the fit was at an end. His reason gradually seemed to get the upper hand, and he proceeded to express his wonder that he could have fancied that his nose had grown so long. Then, putting his hand up to it, he remarked, "All the same, it is hurting me confoundedly - just as if some one had twisted it roughly. " And, sure euough, the nose was unnaturally red. It is said that under the influeuce of hatsheesh you know neither time nor place, and that if you fix your thoughts on some place, however distant, that you ha ce never seen you obtain a clear and aoanrate image of it. I was told a story of a man who had taken hasheesh with the deteriuinatioii to penétrate beyond tho grave and find out all about the futuro Hfe. Ho soon exclaimed that he was feeling very cold, then that he was going to dia He grew very pale, his feet beoamo uumb, and the cold began to get complete possession of him. His sense of h(!aring became indistinct. Everytliing seemed to grow dark around him, and ho callcd for light. Then be stretobed out his limbs ajid remained fixed and j ümnovaule. A cold thick sweat was all over him, and tne pallor of death was on Ii ia face. Then the attendant thougbt it was timo to come to the reseñe, and he ; biid his face and ncstrils with lemon ' juice and made him sit up. Tho man presently opened his eyes and absently sipped a cup of coffee that was brought to him. When he recovered his senses completely, he was very angry with the I attendant for iuterfering with him just , as he had been on thepointof ing the nnknown. It may be mentioned that the word , ! "assassin" is derived from i ian," a táker of hasheesh. i "


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