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Dressing Like Women

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Iu poiiit of fact, the early ruediaeval mau and woman looked as ïnuch aliko as the fin do siècle wheolmau and his bicycle girl. Take the kiug and quoen in a pack of cards. They are early mediieval. Notice the surprising similarity iu their costumes - the same wide robes and angular foldS, the same stained glass stiffness. Novices at cards niay he excused tor being at a loss sometimes, at least until they have leamed to look for the kink' 's beard. With the wane of the age of chivalry there caine a singular exaggeration in the toilet of uien. They deliberately imitated the women. They alloyred fKpir hnir tn prnw lonïr. rnlt.iviited onrls jlICIJ. lililí jJ fJlUn J'.'JI, VUIV1 HUVM vHfcu jy the hot irons and ointrnents aud ac:ually wore chaplets, like diadema, to jurb their flowing locks. In the toxture and color of their garments tbey showed the same effeuiinacy, for they begau to [ffect brilliant reds and blues aud to wear costly trhuuiings aun jewélry. This, too, was the age of the sighing, wailing lover, fainting at his mistress' frown. Every knight who conld write or siug posed as a ininstrel and rehearsed hi.s love affairs. At every gathering of the nobility thero was a ohildish prattle of love, cloying and ïnonotouon3 for very sweetness. The sexes seeined to have ohanged places. It was the lover vho was a shy waljflower, who bln.shed and went bout woef ui and woe worn iïoui his seoret paasion. As we look over the poeins of the miuuesingers, those bards of love, the iady seeras always nnapproachable, listening with contemptuous ruien to the gentleman 's gentle advauces. While he suqcnmbs to nervous eshanstion she goes abont lier business perfectly healthy, either indifferent or crueDy conscious of


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