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In Want Of Milk

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A good story is told of two yonng Englishmen traveling in Enrope. They had never thoroughly inastered any of the laugaages oommonly spoken on the continent and were particnlarly weak in their Frenen, knowing that language well enough by aight, but uo6 having a speaking acquaintance with it. Finding theinselves in a small Frenoh town on o eveaing, they were desirous of obtaiuing a good cup of coffee. Knowing that cafe was coffee, and that lait was milk, they endeavorod to cali for a jndiöious mixturo óf the two, bnt their articulation was of so remnrkablè an order that they succeeded oiily in gettiug the coffee. Cafe au late they tried without BttOoesB. Thon du lay-it was atterapted unavailingly. The snggestion thiit lait might be prouonuced "light' was adopted eqnally in vain. Finally in despair ono of the strug gling youths exnlaimed: "Well, it's mighty qneer we don' kuow enough to get a littla drop o milk." "Do yon want milk?" asked the wait ress, opening lier tnonth for the firs time. "Y-yes, " stammered the travelers overwhelnïed with surprise. "Then why didn't you say so at ïirst?' queried the girl as she flonuoed off. And again the yonng nieu didii' know.


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