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Orief do83 o kill, aud ie is indeed i very m-I lom that Boavy sorrow uauses '.j aayon i a heaiihy onIt is, howwer, very ofteu the i:yiir ii t i v in ing: i ■: . or by rond ilrarer inore liub e i i Lts attack. If ! n üi.-.r, ilal bis grief is aiors than he car} bear, Uio-se wbo have stucii - i thn, through he forre of i.;s own ivaagination, the man will actually die from a "brokeu beart " The e;r;".r Napoleon was killed by an kOternai i!-1 ise. lv.;t it i supposed tliat it wouirl r; t baVo loen fatal bad not his spfritd bsen so dfpresse'l through ex-Ie and defeat. Williatn Put. the orator, ïs said io have died from a "'broken hoart, " caased by his graat grief at the failare of bis cherisbed hopes aud plaus. Audthere have been many other sucli insta'ioes in this country Wheo plagnes are ragiug in a town, fitatistics show that as many die from fright and Üpaginary causes as from the real epidemie, ho great a hold has the fear of death 011 soiue people. If a man is coudomned to be shot, it haa ofteu ocourred that on the word "fire" hö hasdropped lifeless, although, through accident or design, uo bullet has iu reaiity left the ruu. There i a queer case ou record concerning the daughtor of a celebrated xsovelist, who was deeply lntnrested iu one of her father's stories. It appeared in ins=ta!huents, and the heroïne was sufferiug from consuiuptiou. As the girl brooded over the sad fate of the heroine, she, too, suddeuly mauifested the same symptoms. A physiciaii recommended hor fathor to restore her to health, which be did a few chapters oc, and at the same time as the girl iu the novel recovered so also did his too meutal daughter.


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