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Details Of Schweningerism

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Professor Sobweuinger recently gave thia 'elaborated summary of bis treatment tq a correspondent of The St. James Gazette: "'Eat as muchas yon pisase as oftan as yon like. bot not too tnuch at ameal. Drink noliqtiid rit auf mea). Wheu tbirsty, drink a httie {?ood aarated water, with a fev'drop of lemoxi or oran ge .ïnica sijneezeKl iuto it, but ouiy au hoar before or an bour afler nieals. You mayalso taks a littlö white wine or eider fbat ií nor =vaet or now aud thea a oup of tea, but never coffce. Smoke a littie and indulge with moderatiou in the other üttle uxuries to which yon have beun accustomed. Bathe often, but do not wet the en:ire snrface of the body at once. Exercise ehould be regular, Cbange yourpositibn a8 often a possible. Do not retuai'n stauding or sittiug or lyina too oug at a time nor pass too tuaDy hours n bed Take your nieals at a different lour every day. Never eaf at regular ïours. but whenever you are hungry, and, if it be not too soon before or after a maal, drink whenever you are thirsty. 3etter eat a dozen times a day than overload your stomach at two or three ïeavy uieal9 at long intervals. Do not eat th9 same articlo of food too often. "


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