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Line Of Duty Of A Soldier

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Washington, April i - Assistarit Sooretary Röynnkii, of thu interior departI ment, has overruled btio decisión oL the last administración .-is Co tao lino oL duiy j of soldiere, holding trmt íi oldler bom,; engaged, in privare business and nor, in the performance of those things whioh the luw requires of him as u military duty, cunnoc be considerad in the line of duty Thu lust adminstntiou held very broadly in tlio matter of the line of duty, and injury recelved by a soldier while in the ariny was generally considered pensiouablo. The case decided by Assistant Secrotary Reynolds la, oí Hunry A. Hilmer, Kigltth indiana voluutaers. The department holde tliat "in the caso under uonfiidoratiun it ia clearly appirent that the Btatcmont in tho certtficate that the injury oomplalued of wus reeoived by claimant whilo in line of his duty was a ruist.iki'ii conclusión on the part of the certifying Burgebn. Rídins a horse for poríüinil ineasure against tho protest of his captain, who warned him of his danger in attemptlng to ride a fractlous horse witn whoso habits claimant was already well acquainted. cannot be rogarded as in any manner connected with claimant's military duty."


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