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Queen Lil As A Prisoner

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Indianapolis, April 4.- A lettor has been recelved in this city from Q. C. Wilarton, au Indianapolis man who is a member of the national guard doing guard duty over ex-Queen Liliuokalani at Honolulú. Wharton.among other tblngs, says: "The queen is a prisoner up-stairs overour barracks and we are always on guard over her. She is allowed a woman to attcnd her all the time, and as the natives are all ruusicinns they seem to enjoy themselves U[i-stairs. The timo isspent in singing and dancing-, This is tho way the exquean is expected to pass the next live years, whicli is her time of sentonce." Wharcon s;iys tiie islands are at present a poor placo for capital seeking i munt, as the opinión is general that another rebelliun may break out any time. In this övent,Vhiirton says, the Japanese will tako i hand. The Japanese, the lottor continúes, are by far the more numerous tbcre and are getting very bold ovor their victory over the Chinese. The Hawaiian govoriiiuont could not hold out against any ochor natiun twenty-four hours. As long as ihey havo no one to contend with IjuO the natives, howcver, they are not at'raid.


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