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The te egrapb ser-vico of Groat Ëïitain is undoubterily quickr, more reliable and chestper thau hut of the United States. I -niisSio tbis statement after proper allov;, .:■() of thö aiffcroucas in distanoea. it oosts 1 2H cents for 1 Ü words asirl i cv ,v i ery additiona) ■word. Xis loi' iiioftï '■ -)r;:i) aud Irola:x! - i 'uüiícrt:; ra. o. It vorks áüi:;r;íif", ar nearly n!l the postoflicea -arfi i pt.")!i offieps. As arule, therp , vil ai! obliging, and the (Wltver? of niessagoa morti prompt tbtin vifli r;s Th'.'so ; ■ -. ,■!;::!: iaclario, a3 a rulo, lifv.-i f,;. üi a ui siatioaerií' shops, ara scat', v. ,1 all o%-(r the.oity, especially in Loïiftii, flnri duo ' i)ósuc)i tri)nblo iii gei .;; ;. ■ .' ■" oTileri postal notos, .- ' .■ . ,:■.. ia '-, roo ofteu tlu caae ir. New ïoik. Auoíb: r ;;rr:t ."l-ijutac; ■ of the Bvitish System i; tbat ; . ra isuo snch thing as seiiöiïïg riíessaj? í "collcct. ': Yüu ii.ii propay an answortoa tel'eraiu, and tlie boy briiig.s up e biank with tbetelegraiii wheu au aDSwer has beeü paid für. Agaiii, if you write to any one and want a telegraphic ruply, inevely inclone a blank with sixpeuny postage staiups affixod. This saves the trouMe of transmittiug mouey or imposiijg on a friend for repJy. At one of the big city dinuers a few weeks ago I sat opposite W. H. Preece, C. B. , the ongjneor in chief and eleotrician of Britiüh ïelographio Wonderland. Ee was n;;'.":_v interesterl iu the fact t'ia! xve cc!i;r?d tbö population by the nseaus of uiecírioity, uud of course knaw esaccly lunv ifc was douc. The iucrea'ae in 25 yéara of mes alone froui 6,000,000, when three private cömpanies controllec] the business, to 70,000,000 messages in 1894, talla its own story. Thut Iho number of offices has iucreased threefold, now uurabering 9,000, and the miles of wirn have inoreased f rom 60,000 to 200, 000 - surely this indicates that the jjubliu ave well and cheaply served. Financially the telograph department is today pay ing expenses, but uottiie interest on the mdney invosted. It is claimed, however, that the división of expenses botween the postofn'ce branch and tlie telegraph brauch was of such an artificial character that the two services should be looked at together financially. ThiH wou ld show a net anmwl surplus of trom $13,750,000 to I 000- a very handsome addition to the public revennes, A unifori)) teiegraph service, say, of 2.1 oents per measago, :mio more, in this advauced day of. eléctrica] appliances, than a uniform 2 cent letter rate was wheu adopttxl.-


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