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The Chimney

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"Speaking of chimneys," said an old ; soldier, "the cjiiruuey snch as one not 1 hifreqaently soes made of glazod drain pipo alWava interosts me groatly Wc'va ! seon Bnch chuuuwys run up outside of shanties. aud v'vo secn thein carricd i froru the tops of ulsiftmeya over to tbe '■ Kirle wall ui soma nmcn h:;jhcr bail'diiig erected nest dj;. tuit! Chente oi upwa-, abovs the top of it. Thore is one tin;..; j about these 'draiu pipechimueys that a ■ ways suïprisaa me very ciu.o! . a;id t,. ; i is that they stack eai up with in j flaugü fciid oí tiio sectións up I uever I saw one bnilt the other way I ever conld understand this. I suppose the pipéis usaally set np with cement or rnortar in tbs joints, but i should thiak I those uptnvned daues cutoh all xhu ram. and that-'it wov.ld'work down the pipes, aucl that frost wouM get ia thoro in winter and ali thar I Khould tliink ie w.juld be iiumeusely better to ?tack en) up with thesmooth endattha top, and I don't know wliy they don't do it. "Perhapa ruy grnat interest in this simple forra of oylindrical chimney ia due to a moro intimato acquaintance with and a great1 affection for another kiud of cylindrical chimuey, one more 3iinple iu i'orm and construction. I refer to the tomato eau chimney. Embleiu of doroestio peace and comfort as the chimney uudonbtedly is, itis not always so, and the tomato can chimney, perhaps more than any other, characterize the liveüer vicÍ88Ítu1ís of Hfe. I know that my'owii first acquaiutanoe with the tomato ca;i chimney was in tho army in time of war. AikI vet even there it bas soaie Bavor of peace abont it, for we uever had one except at times wheii W8 were inore or léss settled iu camp and were within rsach of a settler. "Aud the tomato eau chimnoy is by no ineans confinad to army life. It is built by hunters and campers out, by sqnatters and pioneers and by early settlers in new regions. pending the building of a more substantial chimney. and . so I suppose it may be said of the chimney, after all, that wherever it may be set up aud of whatever it may be constructad it has about the same savor of the beartbstoufi. '


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