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Defying Ill Luck

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To the "Thirteen olnb"andthe "Salt Spillera" comes the "Order of the Opal. " This is an organization designed to challenge ill luck and show how easily it ïuay be bullied when deliberately faced. The club bas ranch of the same rites as other clubs of itskind. It meets on Friday. lts rooms are deoorated with peacock feathers. The members make a poiut of walking nnder ladders, eatiug 13 at table, going aud coming on Priday and spilling salt. It is not said that they break mirrors with deliberation, but anybody who does break a rnirror is held in great consideration by the other members. The opal is the badge of membership and is pnt forth on all occasions. It is urged, however, that all these efforts to overthrow superstition fail of their purpose, inasmuch as ill luck cannot be invitad. The element of chance is absolutcly necessary to its success. An even worse element to ba removed is the pride and pleasure most people cake in their superstition. A superstition to an actress iu theway of advertisement is only less valuable than the loss of hor jewels. To other people superstitions aro of importance in giving piquancy to biographical notices and sketches of character now so popular in ourrent weeklies. -


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