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Mother, repro ving-ly - Ever y dol: you ...

Mother, repro ving-ly - Ever y dol: you ... image
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Mother, repro ving-ly - Ever y dol: you have has lost an arm, or a leg, or a head, and some have nothing1 left but the body. Now what are you going to do? Little Ethel, thoughtfuUy - I don't knovv, unless I play dime museum. Lady, engaging servan t- Have you any references? Raw Country Girl- What be them, marm? Lady- Why, can you teil me any people who know your character? Raw Country Girl, grinning- Yes, surely; but I bean't so silly as to teil ye! Hazel had been to missionary meeting. Her prayers were apt to mirror the impressions of the day, and this is what her mother heard at bedtime: "Oh, Lord, I 'spose you know 'bout these missionaries, and, Oh, Lord, please don't let 'em learn any bad habite f rom the heathen." Quarrvman, coininissioned to break the news gently - Did ye hear that foine blast, mum? Woman- Indade I did. It froightened me. "Would Oi had been near ye to protect ye, mum. It's just such a fine lookin' woman as you Oi loik to protect, mum. It's me yez ought to marry." "It's you ought to be kilt entoirely for tolkin' that way an' me married to a íoine mon lik'e Micky Finnegan." "Och, ye naden't moind about him, mum. He was kilt by th' blaat."


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