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Married In Haste

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Onite an amusing episode oconrrea in Tmtice Lyou's court recently in the St of a trial for assault and battery, L a young couple rushed breathlessl So tho room and informad his honor Lt they wanted to be joined in the Sly bonds of wedlock as quickly as PTnboDe hand the prospectivo groom carried a marriage liccnse, which contaiued the names of August Rohner and Marie Soss. The assault and battery teial carne to a halt, and Justice Lyon Leed over tho certifícate by which ïwo beingswerepermitted to cali themfiftlV6S ODÖ"Hurry oop, chudge," said the about to be bride nervously as sbe shif ted f rona one foot to another and glanced apprebensively at the door. "Bnt why are yon in euch haste? asked "Justice Davy. " "It must bo now or never, answered the bride, "and we want now. " "All right," said the court; "I gness Ican accoinmodate you, " and he repaired to a iuirror in the rear of the courtroom, carefully arranged his f 18 tie thought of the immortal Davy, Jr., on 'the South Side, parted his hair in the middle, took an extra reef in his immaculate Prince Albert and called the couple to the front. If there is one thing Justice Lyon is perfect in, it is in the art of tying nuptial knots, and he was at his best. "Have you a ring?" he asked. "Neiu, " auswered the lesser half. "üue will do," said the court "Nein, nein, or none, " broke in the bride. "Oh, all right!" answered the court, while his face took on a deep scarlet hne, aud ho proceeded with the ceremony. The couple alternately looked at him'and at the door, and af ter it was all over, and they stood together with arms twisted together, a fearfnl racket sonnded on the stairs, and a little old maD, with a glare in his eyo, burst breathlessly into the room. The new Mr. and Mrs. laughed at bim, and ewearing volubly in Germán the little old man gave the door a cruel kick, passed out again, the bridal couple following. Justice Davy poked a beantifnl bill in his piirse, and the assault oase went on.


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