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What Esau Hunted

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"Abont noon we saw a beast standing on a monntain top looking down at ns. When we saw it, we tbought that it -was a camel, but Calinus said that the beast was a rhinooeros or unicorn. It hatb a hom set in the midst of its forebead 4 feet long, and wbatsoever it butts at it runs him through and ponnds him against the rocks. It is said by writers on natural history that they place a young virgin in his way, whereat be pnts away from him all his fierceness and lays down his head and is held thus entranced until he be taken and slain. " Tbüs wrote that delightfully naive observer, Father Felix Fabri, who visited Sinai 400 years ago. Modern pilgrims who have followed in his footBteps with thcir eyes open will at once recognizo that the animal ho saw was the bedan, or Sinaitic ibex, which gazes dowu 011 passing caravans frórn the clift's whioh towur above their ronte. He is seMuiu visible to them nnless his shapely figuro happeus to be silhouetted on the sky line. Tuis wild goatinhabits the iDonntainá on üither side of the Rod Bea and the steep guliiesof Moab and ia the ouly representativo of the deer or goat tribes in these regions. Esau donbtless hunted it, aud those few sportsmen who have foliowed his examplewill uot besnrprised thatthe nncertainties of the chase cost him his birthright. -


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