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New York Solons Resolve

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ALBANT, May '. - Kesolutions in condemnation oL the administration at Washington tor lts inaotion in regard to the seizure of Corinto, Nicaragua, were adopted b? the assembly under suspension of the rules, the vote standing 91 ayes and 15 nays, one Democrat voting with the Republican majority. The resolutions were offered by Ainsworth, the Republican leader in the assembly. They recite in the preamble the recent events in the republic of Nicaragua and the action of tho Bntish governnient in ocoupying the soil and declare thatsuch forcible interterence by a European unionarchy in tho affairs and authority of a memoer of the graat sisterhood oL American ropublics is au open and flagrant violation of the Monroo doctrine. The resolutions conclude as follows: "Tbut we condemn and denounce the supineness, dilatoriness and lack of national and patnotic spirit which has oharacterized the administration at Washington In dealing with this complication; and "Xhat thac wo regard as a botrayal of fundamental American principies the omisslon and negiect on the part of the chief executlve and the head of the departmenf of state to intorpose resolutely and cfïectivcly gainst such forcible invasión of a sister republic and against such infraction of the principie and precept of the Monroe doctrine."


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