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The Bloomer Has The Call

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GRAND Rapids, Micli., May 2.- Wonien bicyclists to the number oí 150, inoluding the city librarían and several schoolteachers, met to dlscuss the bloomer question. Two hours were spent in ehibiting suits and discussion, and then ïesolutions were adopted reciting that "our Heavenly Father, with divine love and infinite wisdom in our creation, has made us bípeda and endowed us with reason;" that sklrts are In the way on the bika (or words to that effect); therefore, whero the aforegaid sklrts are In the way we will wear bloomers (or words to that effect). Ann Akbob, May 2. - Bloomers have eome in for good at the University of Michigan, for a numberof the co-eds have banded themselvcs together into a bloomer club, pledeed to wear knickerbockera both when riding a bicyclo and whüe attending classes. Some weeks ago Miss Edna Daisy Day started wearing them as a walkinsr costume, and had trouble with her landlady, Mra. H. C. Eames, about ttie bif uicated ;dres9. Since then the girls here have taken the matter in hand for themselves, and congratulated Miss Day on the bold stand she took for her rights. It is stated on good authority that two of the professors' wives are helping the girls on, and intend to wear bloomers themsolves. ■


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