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TIip nrgflect of a col d is of ten fatal. Dr. Wood'a ÏSTorway Pine Syrup cntains aH the sootl ing virtues of the pine. Never fails to cure. 'A Philadeiphia architect contemplates the erection oí a which will be a complete village in itself. It will include stores, telegraph and telephone offices, a cafe, reading and consultation rooms, wine cellar. Turkisb. bath, gymnasium, swimming pool, billiard hall, assembly room, public and m-ivate parlors, kitehen, laundry and oflieea. "Don't you," said the earnest young woman, "sometimes have thoughts that are beyond your povvers of expression?" "Ya'as; I fwequently have thoughts that ahe verwy hahd to expwess, and the worst of itis that when I get them expwessed I cawn't help wonderwing why I went to all that , twouble." The greater part of the remains of St. Valentine, who was a priest of Eome, and who was martyred in the third century, are preserved in the ohurch of St. Praxedo, Eome, where a gate (now the Porta del Popóla) was formerly named f rom him Porta ValenA.mTOO MODEST WOMAN! Is such a thing possible? Itis. Many a woman suffers month after month, whole years, because she shrinks from talking about her complaints. Foolish do you say? No, it is simply due to a natural, commendable modesty. Stiü she 'owes it to herself either to consult a good Physician or else to get the Zoa-Phora Medical Book on Diseases of Women and Children, and, after satisfying herself that Zoa-Phora is what she needs, obtain a bottle or a box of it and use it faithfully. Both the book and medicine may be obtained either direct from the Zoa-Phora Medicine Co., at Kalamazoo, Mich. or through your druggist. All cor! respondence is kept strictly confidential. Zoa Phora sokl and books given away by A. E. Mummery and Good1 year & Co.


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