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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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I OFFICIAL.! Office of Board of Public Works. ) Abn Akbok, Mich., May 29, 1895. Special session. Called to order by President Clark. Boll called. Present, Pres. Clark, Bullis. Absent, Mr. Schuh. Mr, Herman Hutzel oflered the following: Whereas I, Herman Hutzel, contractor for building lalerul sewer No.Uin theCityof Ann Arbor. have used the Ann Arbor Brick Co.'s brick contrary to the order of the Board of Public Works of said city, in the constructiqn of 6everal flush tanks and man-holes in said sewer; Now therefore, I hereby tender to the said Board of Public Works this my apology for so doinff, and assure the said Board of Public Works that their authority in the matter of the use of material in said sewer should be fully lived up to, and I apree to do so in the future. HERMAN HUTZEL. To the Honorable Board of Public Works: Gentlemen- A8 I am unable to procure the Wasner Lirick to build the reniainder of the flush tanks and man-holes in Sewer District No. 2. 1 therefore apply to you for permission to use the Aun Arbor Brick uo.'s brick to build the same, the brick to be used to be f rom those that have been exposed to the weather durmg the last wiuter at the Water Works and at the yard of said Brick Co., and carefully culled, and of approved quality. HEKMAN HUTZEL. Yeas - Pres. Clark, Bullís. Najs- None. By Pres. Clark: Whereas, Mr. Hutzel has applied to this Board for permission to use the Ann Arbor brick; and Whereas, The brick be desires to use are in the opinión of this Board of such quality as to be suitable for the purpose for which they are to be used ; therefore be it Kesolved, That be, the said Hutzel, be allowed to use the same in the completion of the man-holes and flush tanks in Sewer District No, 2. Yeas- Pres. Clark, Bullis. Nays - None. On motion the Board adjourned. Clerk.


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