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OFFICIAL1. Councí l Chambee, I Ann AJiBOB, April 29, 1895. f Adjourned session. Called to order by President Hiscock. lloll called. Quorum present. Absent- Aid. Moore, Taylor. ItEPORT OF STANDING COMMITTEES. BOffDS. To the Honorable Common Councll: Your committee on bouds would respectfully report, that they have examined the following bonds and would recommend their appi-oval with the sureties named: Principal. Sureties. CITY CI.EBK. Glen V. Mills Fred G. Schlelcher John Burg CONSTABLES. Jercmiah Walsh Frederick Wurster Fred Kim Charles G. Schmidt Moses Seabolt David Kinsey Paul Schall Fred Keimold Euene Oesterlin Meiven C.Petereon Frod Howlett Charlea Dwyer Poter Hertchen A. A. Meuth G. Hoefer DRDGQISTS. Henry J. Brown John Kapp Leonard Gruner E. E Calkins Judson H. Warner Fred S. Gaige Jobn Moore Alonzo M. Doty Georso Feiner Baesett & Masón Soteno Baesett Leonard Bassett MANUFACTUKEKS. Ann Arbor Brewing Co Jobn Kapp L C. Weinmann Martin & Fischer Charles Binder Titus F. Uutzel LIQUOR DEALERS. Fred Besimer W. H. Mclntyre E. V. Hangsterfer John Goetz&Son Frederiek Kirn John Goetz, Jr. Wm. A. & J. Gwinner Gottlob Luick Emanuel Luick Kmil Golz -.Gustave Brehm H. Hardinghaus Charles Schott Emanuel Luick Ernest Rohberg Oswald Dietz H. Hardinghaus Fred Besimer John Berger Emanuel-Wagner J. Fred Keimold Frederick Brown G.F Stein L. 0. Weinmann Charles Binder Albert Mann John Walz Michael F. Schaible Mathias Fischer Jobn Hagan August Herz Christian Gauss John Hagan Christian Gauss August Herz John M. VVagner Frederick J. G. Schmid....G. F. Stein Jacob Dupper Gottfried Schoettle Chas. W. Grossman ChristianScbleuker J. F. Keimold .J. F. Staebler John Berger Louis Kurtz Christian Mart'n Charles F. Kayser Wm. H. MclDtyre -Fred Besimer F. Wurster Adolph Kemper Mathias Fischer Henry C Apfel AddCollum Wesley Hicks J. A. Polhemus Edsell T. McOlure H. Hardinghaus Caspar Kinsey Wm. F. Stiegelmaior George M. Clarken Densmore Cramer George A. Waidelich John Matübetscb Gottlieb Illi Joseph Parke.r John Schmid Fred Besimer John Fritz E A. Dieterle Matthew Lutz Christian Spaeth Michael Staebler Christian Kayer John Maulbetseb J. M. Wedetnayer John Waidelich Martin P. Vogel Emii Golz Fred G. Harpet Michael Staebler Christian Spaeth Frederick Staebler J. Jacob Kocb John Koch Ernest KehberK Brehm & Moore Titus Hutzel William Herz O. E. BUTTERFIELD, H.G. PEETÏYMAN, Committee on Bonds. Adopted as f ollows : Yes - Ald Maynard, Allmendinger, Koeh, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Shadford, Prettyman Coon, Butterfleld, Cady, Pres. Hiscock- 13. Nays- None. On motion the Council adjourned. City Clerk.


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