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Miss Flora Finley of this city will edit a page of the American Youth, of ChicagoJ N. J. Kyer is building a house on Williams street. Mrs. John Flynn, of Beakes street, has been granted a widow's pension. Gottlieb Luick is building a large tower and veranda to his house on William street. JamesL. Babcock will build a veranda in front of his residence on División street. Prof. Frank N. Colé has sold his residence on Washtenaw avenue to Mr. Allen, of Toledo, for $5,000. Louis Rehberg, son of Ernest Rehburg, is the proud owner of an alligator, which came from Mexico. Gustave Weinkauff will build a house on South Main street on the lot he has just purchased of Mrs. D. Doane. C. W. Vogel has been bound over to the Circuit court on the charge of assault. He reserved his defense entirely for the trial. Prof. W. W. Beman and Prof. D. E. Smith, of Ypsilanti, are the authors of a new Geomefry, which will be published by Ginn & Co., this summer. "Medicine and the Bible" will be the subject of the lecture before the University Bible class of the M. E. church next Sunday at 12 m. Itwill be delivered by Dr. D. A. MacLachlan. Mrs. Deborah Wallington, widow of Edward Wallington, of Ann Ai"bor town, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Speechly on the Geddes road, Tuesday, aged eightyone years. Remember Senator Daniel's lecture in University hall this evening. Senator Daniel is spoke of by Senator Hill, of New York, as the orator of the Senate and his lecture tonight is on a live topic. The Ann Arbor typographical unión has elected, G. R. Cooper, president; J. Kerby, vicepresident; Chas. F. Dietas, recording secretary; Guy W. Stevenson, financial secretary, and Clyde C. Kerr, master-at-arms. The annual flower sale of the First Baptist church will be held Friday, May 3. The usual large assortment of flowers and plants will be on sale, and in addition fancy work, household articles, etc. The doors will be open at 3 o'clock, and from six to nine supper will be served. This part of the programrae promises to be unique, as it is to be served entirely by the gentlemen of the church. The Order of the Eastern Star and their families will enjoy an unique entertainment for their own benefit next Wednesday evening, at Masonic temple. It will be a poverty social. No ordinary, every day wearing apparel will be allowed without a fine, the fine to be graded trom ten cents to one dollar, according to the degree of offense in that line. An auction sale of choice volumes of foreign poetry and articles of great usefulness will be placed on sale by one of the most famous poverty auctioneers on the continent - in fact he will be a Good rich man. Each person or couple attending must bring their own provisión, and supper will be served by handing out these packages of provisions to each one regardless of whp brought them. If the Stars do not have a lively time, with any quantity of fun mixed in with the poverty of the evening, then all indications will feil. O. M. Martin reports twentythree funerals in February. The Choral' Union social has been postponed until Saturday evening. The high school base ball team defeated the senior laws, Tuesday, by a score óf 6 to 4. ■ Mrs. D. M. Tyler has purchased a house and lot on West Washington street of Jacob Werner. John J. Ferguson is building a new house on Burle street. H. W. Hawley has sold his interest in the Chicago Times-Herald for $275,000. Hon. A. J. Sawyer is building a $6,000 residence adjoining his present residence on Monroe street. Prof. H. C. Adams has been appointed one of the inspectors of the Orchard Lake Military Academy. There are nineteen applicants for positions in the postoffice, who will take the special civil service examination S-iturday. The monthly meeting of the Woman's auxiliary will be held on Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, in the Y. M. C. A. rooms. Adolph Kemper, formeily of this city, has gone into partnership with two other gentlemen in the clothing business in Chicago. J. D. Ryan, H. W. Douglas and Fred McOmber have purchased the old Bower property on the corner of Miller avenue and Spring street. J. IJ. Kyan reports a purchase by himself and partners of a $10,600 clothing stock in Battle Creek, which they intend to sell there at once. Mr. Ryan will go there to boom the sale. Next Sunday evening Dr. Cobern will deliver the first of a series of three lectures on his travels in the land of Philistia. Five years ago the pastor spent eleven months in foreign lands, and these lectures will contain personal reminiscences of his travels in the Desert, among the ruined cities of Philistia, in Moslem villages at.d in Bedouin camps. Philistia, although scarcely ever entered by the tourist, is part of that "Fifth Gospel," which so often assists to a better understanding of the Bible narrative. The following new books have been added to the Ladies' library: Eyes Like the Sea, by Maurus Jokai; A Literary Courtship, by Anna Fuller; The Honorable Peter Stirling, by Paul Leicester Ford; The House of the Wolf, by Stanley J. Weyman; The Raiders,, by S. R. Crockett; Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson; The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling; Cossack Fairy Tales, by R. Nisbet Bain; Daughters of the Revolution, by C. C. Coffin. After May first, the library will be open again on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 o'clock p. m., and on Saturdays it will be closed at 4 o'clock p. m.