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The lavvn and stoet spiinkling seuou in Aun Arbor lias agaiu. commen.ced and the Water (So. has issued the following notiee to its patrons: 'To Patrons of the Ann Arbor Water Co.: "The season for sprinkling is froin 4pril to October, inclusive. The hours 'or sprinkling (city time) are as folows: Morning- All paa-ts of the city, 6 to 8. Evening- AH between center of Forest va. and Fourteenth st, and center of State st., 5 to 7; all west of center of State st., 6 to 8; all east of center of Forest ave. and Foureenth st, 7 to 9. "The use of hose larger tlian three'ourth inch is probibited without .spu - al permit; also sprinkling without nozzle or from nozzle with opening than. thre&sixteenths inch, ajid he use of more than one sprinkling fixture at a time. In sprinkling streets each consumer iriust confine bSmself o his own property. "For viohition of the above i'uleb tre water will be turned off without urther notiee, afad one dollar will be charged for turniug off and on before service will be renewed. "A. K. HALE. Receiver." Dr. Hale says he has got. thnmgb jeing lenient with people who persistently jsprinkle thedr lawns and the streets outside of the hours alxve pre scribed, and anyon who is dow caught doing so will have the water turned off forthwith. During the early part of this spring he spent a coupte of weeks intsrviewing1 people. distrieting the city and getting up the above schedule. He supposed he had got it iixed all right and at houi; to suit all partió conoerned, only to find that the rules are being daily tranisgressed in many ctises. He has done his best to give the public a good water service and will still continue to do so, but consuméis must live up to the rules or suffer the conseqnences. For that tired teeling tafee a fflass of Ann Arbor Brewing Co. 's Beer. It will strengthen your nerves and put new llfe into you.


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