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The Aermotor all Steel Feed Cutter Wortb $4OFOR$10 Wa wiU furttiêh this f eed cutter, one only to on perjon not later than July 1, 1895, for $10,00 cash, and addresscs of ten neighbors and aeguamtances of the aender hnown personalia by him to be rc&ponsihls and iniluential men in their toaalititt tieed and are Ukely to buy sonxihina in our line this year. After Jultf 1, tMOMey tií m on this offer u-ül be retined to sertder and no attention tcitt b patd to inquiriea or letters concerning this offmr. It i liieraïljf now or never. The feed cutter is delivered f. o. b. Chicago. If shtpped frmu b ranch houset This all steel frame nd XJS 26-inch Tiry snperlox Mw which wO put out at _ $15.00 last year, butno Wil only nt $25.00, is justly %Ji one of the most populst rticl wo ever made. AERMOTOR CO. Chicago. WALL PAPER' WALL PAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs PRICLS THE LOWEST oscAifa. soug THE DECORATOR, 7O S. I-A.I3Sr ST. IéTS LAI I HAÜt wffSÊ nP COPYRIGHTS.CAW I OBTATN A PATENT ? Fot a twompt answer and an bonest opinión, write to MUNN fc CO., who have had nearly flf ty years' expencnce in the patent business. Communica tlOTis strictly confídentlal. A llamlbook of Iníormation coneerning Patenta and bow to obtain them sent free. Also a catalogue of mechanica! and scientiflo books sent free. Patenta taken through Munn & Co. receive pecial noticeintbe Scientilic Americnn. and thus are brought widely before the public without cost to the inventor. This splendid paper, lseued weekly. elesantly illustrated, has by far the lorgest circulation of any scientific work In the world. S3 a year. Sample copies sent free. Building Edition, monthly, f2.50 a year. Single copies, -S cents. Every nutnber contains beautllul plates, in eolors, and photographs of new houses. wlth plans, enabling builders to show the Jatest desiens and secure contracta. Address MUNN L CO, New York, 3B1 Bbo-adway. GO 'o % z M II 3 g II ra' l 2ï W g S g' i H ï 9 5 il 4 i 1 H j S Hl 2 i o Si d ! ! w S I! w i tí 3& b á il a il i i imn i suMin flAKEBT. GROCEEÏ AND FLOUR ANO FEED STORE, We keep consuintly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also keep a supply oi ONBORiVE'! GOLD DUST FLOUR. 3. M. Swift & Oo.'ü Bost White Whe&l Flour, Bye Flour, Bnckwheat Flour, Corn Meal, Tjed, &c, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock ol öeooe:ies and peovisions constantly on hand, which will be sold on as reasnable terms as at any other house in the city. yCash paid lor Butter, Egjfs, and Country Produce generally. WGoods Delivered to any part of the city wlth out extr charire. & Seabolt.


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