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New Remedy For Insomnia

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An expert in nervous disorders in Paris recommended to au American gentleman a cure for insomnia which was tried wlth snch snccess that the patiënt has prescribedit to manyof his friends. It is siinplyto keep yonr eyesopan when yoa want to go to sleep and caunot. A person whose brain is too activa will sometimes close the eyes and vainly endeavor to sleep. Tiie very closiug of the eyes seenis to concéntrate the menal f'aculties on business affairs and other dlstractions. Tho theory of the French physician is that if the victim of insomuia will fis his pyes npon sonid gleam of light, some shadow, or even on the darkness itself, he can relieve his miuci froiu thoughts that perplex it and divort attention trom hiniself. Try the experiment wheu yoa are sleepless and see how uncoii=ci(m!y your eyes will close and your thoughts begin to take possession of you. Struggle to keep them open and ftxed upon an object, either reaf or imaginary, and befare you are aware of it thé srrugglo will have ended and sleep will be victorious.


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