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Varieties Of Marble

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The seleotion of marble for a monument is altogether a matter of taste. ! ■The finest statuary marbles are found j in Italy and Qreece, but are very Bive, costing frorn $15 to $20 per cubio foot. In the United States good statuary ! marble has for several years beeu quarried at West Rutland, Vt., where a layer frorn three tofour feet thick is interstratified with 40 or 50 feet of clouded marble. The finest of statnary marble is found at Pittsford, Vt., where there is a bed 20 feet thick, from which blocks have been taken capable of taking a very fine finish. Tbis marblo belt extends north and south of Rutland county, through Vermont and j chusetts, but in loses in quality in both directions. Toward the north it is finer and harder, but less sound, and toward the south it becomes coarser. Another I belt of white marble extends along the ' flanks of the Alloghanies, tbrough a part of Massachusetts, through New Í York and Maryland aad into Virginia beyond the Potomao river. It is qnarried ' at various places in Westchester county, N. Y., aud at Baltimore. At Canaan, Conn., and at Lee, Mass., and j other places in New England, good '' building inarblo is qaarried. Marble ! from Lee was used for the extensión of j the capítol at Washington. Variegated j marbles aro fonnd in several localities in the United States. A raottled lilac, j chocolate and white, knowu as ' see marble, is regarded with favor for i mantels, tables, etc. Another of red, ' browu and white is quarried at j ton, Va., but it is rather difficult to ' work on account of the silica it I tains.-


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