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Nervous, Despondent, Diseased Men

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T. E. GLEASON. T.E. GUïASON. G. O. ROMJNS. G. O. ROLLINS. Before Treatment. After Treatmuui. Uoforo Treatment. ALter Trcatment. Emissions, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse. Syphilis. Gleet, Stricture, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid in Urine. Impotency, Sexual and Mental Weakness. Kldney and Bladder Diseases Positively CURED OR NO PAY. 16 Years in Detroit. 200,000 Cured. Youngor Mlddle You have led a gay life or indolged in the vices of early youth. Yon feel Aged Man. tho symptoms stoaling over you. Sel abuse or laltr ezcesses have broken oi?,1} J kUr , MentallV, physically and sexualh, you are not the man yon UHed to be or HSni .1 7 i think of the iutnre. Will you heed the danger signáis? Are you nervous and weak; despondent and gloomy; specks before eyee; back weak and kidneys irritable; palpitation of heart; drenms and lossea at night; sediment in urine; weakened mauhood; pimples on face; eyes sunKen and cheeks hollow; poor memory; careworn expression; Varicocele; tired in morning; lifeJess; distrustful; lack energy etrengtt and ambitipn. Our New Method Treatment will positively cure you. lt will matte a man of yon and life will open anew. We guuranlee to cure you or refuud ad monty paid. EBLNo names used without written consent. $1,000 paid for any case we take and cannot 8NATCHED FROIWI THE CBAVE-A Warnlng From the Living. EnpMrLrtnS "Ati15 X leared .a ba.d }iabit. Had losses for seven yeara. Tried fonr doctors Afrlnk Í fh"e ton;0,9, fay tho Bcore, without benefit; I became a nervons wreek. tahlïh t'h CUr.ed bl Kersan of a Bimilar disease, advieed me totrythem. Ididso.,and in two monttia was pusitivBly cured. This was eight years ago. 1 am now mamed and have two healthy chüdren." C. W. LEWIS, Saginiw, Mich. r,?ZTe th rosnlt of early vict, made life miserable. I was weak and I amhifi mJ1B!.?ye,t)Ban,kfen'. {"tóhfal m society, hair thin. an.l loases ut uight. no K?íñí ArK Golden. Monitor' pened my eyes. Xhe Ñew Method Tratmeutof Drs. B Kennedy & Kergan cared me in a few weeks." I. L. PETEKSON, Ioiiia, Mich. SrnhrlrfS "ThiB,terbl8 blood disease was in mj syatem for eig'it venrs. Had takfn merthp bin y F 7h yearsAbut íhe disoaae ipturned. Eyo red, pimplos and blotches on , Mv lrA?f ? '? l00"1 an,d ?n tÓDgne, bone pains, f.illin.' out of hair, weekneee. etc. mnmwm ' Vi3 dbe?n,caredf OlM ü rielure by D's. Kennedy & ergan, redomSSlSTi- They cured me in a few weeks, and I thauk Öod I consnlted them. No retnrn of the disease in six years." w P. il., Jackson, Mich. A Sn?ïl[et HhB K-eVi Y" ?- Sparke-, of Detroit, saye: "I know of no diseaee so injurions to victima ot ttua Uistrol habit to Dra. Kennedv & Kariran fnr trunimont T r-,m lionrfilv ondorse their New Meitod Trealmenl whioh cSred thm wher all f eeTilcd." a.?00' "J knwnothing in medical science so efficiënt for the cnre ofSwA;iüand Recommends Sexual Dura,, as th Kac Alethad T.eatnunl of Dra. Kennedy AKewkn. Many havnB;Bnti,i Tth whlcb had baffled scores of physicians were cared in a few weeks, i have seen thia with my own eyes and know it to be a fact." T. E. ALL1SON, M. D. RParipr,?!lT05'fOahbeen(?nÍltyí? HlMyonr-B'''0'bepndiBense(i? Are you weak? Do you 11 Cali Cl desire to be a man Are yoacontemplnting nmrriage? Oal ■ A'tu, Method Treatmeni will positively cure you. Cures Guaranteed or No Pay. Consultation Fre reasonabfe BosFe e"Thfiy?a'Mrit?fan,!1?neRt Pion fi4 of charge. Charges c3pfsteee,wontór8oTahieedGOldenMomt0r "(M- Diaeasesof Men. EuWHo Uaraes used without Written Consent. Priyate. No Medicine Sent C. 0. D. No Aames on Boxes or Envelopes. Everything Confldential. Question List for Home Treatment and Cost of Treatment, Free. Drs. Kennedy & Kergan, 148 SíielDy Street, Detroit, Mich. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■MM


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