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ioMAMINATM Conld Not Weaken Such Testimony As This. (From the Kalamazoo Telegraph.) The following statement is one of great Lretf to many a citizen of Kalamazoo, 'X man "s well known as Mr. Wallace Sould carry more than ordinary weight Uh our readers. Here ït is as taken Hown by our representative: - Mv name is John A. Wallace. I am a member of the firm of J. A. Wallace & Cc, doinff business as tinners, etc, at 106 Tleánor Street, Kalamazoo, in which city I riso reside For the past nine or ten months Th'ive beenhaving attacks of kidney comniaint the pain in my back over my hips was véry severe at times; my urinary systóm was also in a bad state of derangemect sometimes the urine was scanty and thenáffain the amountwould beexcessive, nd a difflculty of passage always existed. I heard of Doan's Kidney Pilis at a time hen I feit that I was going to be sick, but their use warded off an attack, and I am now feeling very much better; the urinary organism has regained a normal condition, and the terrific pain in myback is much reduced in severity, while ït is now fast ffoing away altogether. I am continuing the use of Doan's Kidney Pilis, with positive feeling that they will effect on me a permanent and speedy cure. I have unbounded confldence in Doan's Kidney Pilis as a remedy for all kidney ailments; have good reason to be, as they have done so much for me." Can you ask any more than tuis? Doan s Kidney PiUs are reliaving more backs of the burdens they have been forced to bear through the kidneys than all other means devised, and, better still, they are doing this right here in Michigan. Ask any one who has ever taken them and see what they will say. Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale by all dealer's price, 50 cents. Mailed by FosterMilbum Co., Buffalo, N. Y., solé agenta for the U. S. Remember the name, Doan's, and take no other.


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