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The Story Of A Clipper

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A youug Swede carne to tina country in 1801 vifl. lomo íuoney and the iutention of br-.riding a craft to be fitted up for passp;i,-rora to the World 's fair ia London. Fc?r this pnrpose he located hituself at Porisiaoxitb, oontractccl with ghipbuildors whp h: sbipyards at Bliot, jost opposite Portsnionth, íor a ghip of pbout 1,000 tons, with expensive cabiii arrangementa fnr passengers. The ruodel of the ship was tbat of an extreme oüpper. Wben nearly cnnixjletcd, the projeotorfell short of xanaej. Martn, sparsancí gails had aü b'en oontraotecl for and were in a stae oí' forwardness. Tbe mcchauics '.nclnded to complete tho ghip and pnt her iu the bands of Governor Goodwin of Portsmouth for sale, each coctractor to take bis pro rata of his contract. Wben completed, the ship, nnder mechanics' lien, was transferred to the goveraor, brought to Boston, purchased by Sampson & Tappan, named the Nightingalo and nnder the command of a Captain Dumaresqne sailed for Australia with a cargo valued at $125,000. From thero sho proceeded to China, ■whero sbe took tho highest freight of the season, L5 per ton for Loudon. To test her merits Messrs. Sampson & Tappau pnblisbed in the Loudon Times a challenge to the British merchant fieet I to race from the Downs to China and j back tor L10,000 - a distance of nearly 80,000 mile.s. Bnt no one could be found to accept tho challenge. Sbe was after■ward sold to a Sak m house, who sent her to Rio Janisro, wbere she was sold and eent to the coast of África as a slaver, was capturod by a Uuited States oruiser, the slaves liberated and the vessel sent home. She was subsequently used by tho govermuent during the rebellion, and after the close of the war was sold and put into the California trade. The Nightingale made tbe shortest known run from the equator to Melbourue - 25 days. Her whole passage from New York was G8 days. - Proceedings of tho Bostonian Society.


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