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A Dinner In Korea

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"Korea, the country which caused all tbo troublo betwèen Cbiua and Jagan, has ïmmy queer social oustoms, " said J. A. JVlorrill, "and I remeuiber going to a banquet given by a meinber of the foreign office there, whicl, in rnany respects, was quite Tiuiqno. The guests arrived long before the dinnor hour, for in Korea an aftair of this kind Iast3 all day, and were usbered into a pavilion adjacrait to tbo one in which tbo dinner was to be served. After several half hours had beo-i wbiled awiy in smoking and in eonvei-ation tbo dinner was at last anuounced, and we were summoned into tbo othar hall. "As soon as wo had enterad the officials began to divestthemselvesof some of their clothing, for parts of a native's wearing apparel seriously iiicomraode hini in taking food. We tookonr places at a large rectangular table, which was heaped with food of all kinds in brazen dishes of hemispherical shape. For tbe first courso we had soup and sul, which is a kind of wine, and for the second the waiters handed around some of the other dishes which stood on the table. These contained meats of various kinds - beef, pork and fried fish cut in tbin yellow slices. At tbis juucture there entered several Korean singing girls, ciad in the gaudiest costumes, and whose business it was to maketbemselves generally agreeable when at a banquet, for they constitute all the female society that tbere is in tbat country. Their singing was not what au American would cali good, nor was their dancing, but tbeir conversation and prcsence certainly added a zest to the occasion. "Long as it is, a Korean banquet eventually comes to an end, and this one closed with adecoction of pear jnice colored crimson and spiced with pine nuts. This we sipped at our leisure, while tbe attendants lighted pipes for us. After watcbing the performances of 'the singing girls we summoned our chairs and were carried to our various home, I at least feeling much wiser by having participated in one of the queer


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