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A Haunted Lumber Camp

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Strange tales come froin the Sonrdnahuuk regiou in regard to Jack Reed's depot camp 011 the road leading to Stricklaud's monntain. The camp is built over the grave of a man who was killed in some unknown way, and the woodsmen say the place is hannted. At anyrate on eVery moonlight uigbt a listeuer outside the camp can liear the souud of rolling Ktones that apparently are grnting, grindiug, rattlirg, plunkirig each ether, as thongh slidiug dowu a steep bank. Diligent searchhaa been made for the source of this strange Doise, bnt so far uo oiie bas solved the mystory. Old lumbermea remomber that the camp has been considered to be haunted foryeara, and the sound of the rolling stones bas been heard on many a moonlight night iu the past. Many lnmbermen who are on thoir way into the Sourdnahnnk regiĆ³n iireter to push by the depot camp and take a night tramp rather than sleep over that grave and hear


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