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Three Men Die By Fire

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Pittsburg, Pa., April 30.- A frame dweiling, owned by Henry Snyder and occupied by Samuel Weaver and hls family, burned last night. Weaver was very 111 with typhoid fever and was known to have perlshed, but his body and that of Frederlck Snyder, son of the owner of building, were recovered from the building. A male nurse who was attending Mr. Weaver was also burned to death, while Mrs. Weaver is tn a critical condition from burns and fright. The fire started in an adjoining house and soon communicated to the Snyder building. Mrs. Weaver is the mother of a 2-days-old baby and she and her child were rescued with great dlfficulty. A number of men ran to the rescue of Weaver and carried him part way out, when they laid him on a cot and conUnued their journey. The man who was at the head of the cot was walking backward. The space was cramped and the man was forced agalnst a table, on which a gas lamp was burning. The lamp was thrown to the floor and the oil flashed out, setting flre to the carpet. At this Instant an outside porch whlch was burning gave way and swung against a door. The door feil in and a masa of burning wood followed it, some of it falllng on Weaver on the men around him. The cot could not be moved and the rescuers were forced to leave the invalid and run for thelr own safety. The fate of young Snyder and the nurse was not known until the morning.


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