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San Francisco, May 2.- Theinqueston the body ot Blanche Lamont ocoupied lesa than threo hours, but the evidence developed was considerad convincing and the jury rendered a verdict oharging Theodore Durrant wich the murder. Untü the inqueso no one had been produced who saw Durrant in the vicinity oL Emanuel Baptist ohurch with the murdured girl on the afternoon oL April 3. ïhis missing link, seemingly all that was laoking to complete the chain of circumstances fastening the terrible church crimes on the medical student, was supplied at the inquest. Martin Quinlan. aa attorney, gave direct and positive teati' mony that he saw Durrant and a girl tallying exaotly with the descriptien of Blanche Lamont, walking towards the church and only a fow yards distant, at 4:15 o'clock, on the afternoon she disappeared. He Wanted to Marry Blaoche. Quinlan explained Dhat he was waiting to keep an appointment with one Clarke, who corroborated Quinlau's statement. These witnesses iurmshed the sensational features of the inquest, bat Durrant maintained his stolid indi&erence during the testimony. The policu and district attorney are confidont of a conviction, stating that they didn't puD in nearly all of their case at the iuquest. Mrs. C. G. Noble, aunt of the murdered girl, testified as to the frequency of Durram's visits at her house and his attentions to her niece. Durrant had proposed ïuarriage to Blanche last December, but had been refused when the girl learned he was engaged to another young woman. C. Gr. Noble, unole of Blanche, testified that Durrant had gestee! after her disappearance that Bkincho wa8 probably in a house oí ülf amo, and offered to searoh for her. Iiieriminating Tmtimony FUed (lp, A street car conduotor and three school girls identified Durrant as the man who : escorted Blanche from the schooi, taking ] the car to the point of transfer en route : to her home. C. B. King, organist of Emanuel church, with evident efiforts to j shield Durrant, told the story of seeing ! him in the church, sick and laint, late in the afternoon Blanche Lamont peared. Dr. J. S. Borrelt, who performed the autopsy, stated that Blanohe died of asphyxiation. He sald it was irapossiblo for her to have boen in a delicate condition. Seven of the strangler's flnger nail ! wounds were on one side of her neck, and flve on the other. Detectives told of , rant'scoiurndictory statements concerning his whoreabouta the day on which sbe disappeared, and ot hts seuming fear to aikuowlcdge the ex tan 6 of his acquaintance n ith her.


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