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Battle With Train Bandits

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St. Josefh, Mo„ May 2 - ïwo mon fatally shot aud une senously injurad Í9 the result oí a frustratud attempt to rob a Burlington train coming into this city. ffor som days past a gang of tough eharactors have been hanging around St. (ieorge, a suburb, and información was brought to the Burlington officials that the Omaha express was to be held up. Wïlliam Haag, a hotel man, furnished the informatlon, and the offlcers sent guarda who frustrated the design. Late last evening while Richard Rau, an employé of Haag, was sitting in the bar of Haag's place, Thomas Farral, one of the gangi stepped inside the door, while his partner, wno gives tho name of Dan Howard, watched on the outside. Knrral stepped up to Rau, and without a word shot hlm through the stomach, inflicting a fatal wound. As IParral ran out the door he called to his partner: "I have shot tho wrong man," realizing that he had failed to got tho man who had givun the information. Several citizens started in pursuitf of the two meu, who ran out on tho railroad tracks toward cha Kansas bridge. A number of shots were flred by both parties.but without effect. As the fugitivos neared the bridge Sheriff Carson and Officer Barry, who heard the flring, jumpod into a buggy and gave chase, catching up with the two men just as they wero leaving the Kansas end of the bridge. Carson oovered Howard with. a revolver and forced him to surrendor. Offlcer Barry atteiopted to capture Farral, who whipped out two revolvers and began flring, shooting the officer through the arm. 'i'hen Farral dashed into the weeds, folio wed by B a-ry and two other offleers, who had arrlved by this time, and a battle ensued during which over forty shots were ftred. Farral was finally shot through tho left brease, ihe bulleo passing through his lungs, und hu is in a dying condition.


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