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Settlement Of A Big Estate

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The Owen Gallagher estáte has at last been settled in the probate court. It has been hanging fire a long time and involved a large amount of property. Owen Gallagher was an old bachelor, who died in 1882 and left a will dividing his estáte between the children of his brother, Patrick Gallagher, and the children of his deceased brother, Anthony Gallagher. By the will Patrick Gallagher was made executor. Owen and Patrick had always been doing business together, everything being owned in common, so that the settlement covered complicated transactions covering a long series of years. The heirs of An thony Gallagher were represented by Col. B. M. Thompson and by J T. Honey, Esq., of Dexter. it was finally decided to leave the matter to thé arbitration of Judge Babbitt, and the matter was finally settled this week by Patrick Gallagher paying over to the heirs of Anthony Gallagher $ 58,000 in cash and deeding them $5,000 worth of real estáte. Under this finding he owes his own children the same araount.


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