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Mrs. John McCabe is home after a two weeks visit with her daughter in Hamburg. Robort Erwin and family been entertaining relatives. Mr. Steadman, of Illinois, is spending a few days with frieuds in this locality. Miss Bertha Carpenter, of Aun Arbor, was the guest of her cousins for a few days last week. There is talk of a feed barn being established at Portago lake. This wiil be a benefit to those who drive several miles to the lakes. The Hauson pulp milis have closed for the present. W. H. Plaise, of Detroit, the youngest ïnusioal composer in the world, stopped off in Dexter, Friday and Satnrday. James McNamara, one of the pioneer residents of our village, died at bis home, Wednesday, May 8, after an illness of several weeks. The f uueral took place on Satnrday morning from St. Joaeph's church and was attended by a large mimber of relatives and friends. Mr. aud Mrs. Will Counter, of Jackson, were guests of their cousins, Sunday and Monday. I Messrs. Wm. Ballou, M. Robbins, R. Erwiu and E. Eves were in Pinckney and Gregory Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Bownian aud Miss Ida Harria, of Piuckney, were guests of Dexter friends, Sunday. Mr. Plimpton, of Pinckney, was hore last Sunday. Miss Clara Dolan and friend speat Sunday at Hamburg. Miss Eva Hill left Tuesday moniiug for Detroit to visit her cousins. Thomas Birkett made a business trip to Pinckney last week. Mrs. John Hill and Mrs. Jolm Bell spent Friday with Ann Albor friends. Miss Minnie Campbell was the guest of Hudson friends the last of the week. Miss Mae Lavey was tho guest of her consins in Pinolmey, Wednesday. Mr. Aldrich, wife and baby, of Howell, visited tüeir sister, Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. A. Drew entertained her sister the latter part of the week. Emie Reeve will spend tlie sumuier with his old friends in Webster. Mrs. George Reason, of Pinckney, made us a cali Monday. Mr. Mann, of Pinckney, was oa our streets the last of the week. John McConrt was the guest of his parents over Simday. Mr. Clark was with Scio friends, Monday. Miss Eva Rockwell will spend a few days with lier sister. Owen McClain a,nd wife entertained friends last Simday. Jay Asquith, of Stockbridge, has been visiting his nncle for the past few days. William Cobb entertained his nephew Thursday and Fi-iday. . John Pidd and wife were entertained by their Dexter friends last Sunday. Mrs. Carpenter and children were with relatives in Ann Arbor Thnrsday. Mrs. R. Flintolï' and son grand-daffliter, of Northfield, were gnests of Mrs. A. Taylor and family Thursday aud Friday. The dance at Mr. Holloway'sTuesday night was largely attended and all report a good time. Ed. Campbell was a Hudson visitor the first of the week. The ladies' library is now open from 3 o'clock p. m. and closes as 6 o'olock. Hugh Quinn is now prepared to clean or repair wells. Twenty Hamburg odd fellows visitod Huron lodge 1 ast Monday night. The ladies of the Baptist ohuroh moi, with Mrs. E. Maries Wednesday atternon. Tea was served. Harry Hayes now rides a new bioycle. Houses for reut in this vicinity are in great demand this spring. Mrs. Thomas Burns will open aa ice oreara parlor in the store recently vacated by J. Alger. Charles Case aDd fainily, of New York, are inoviag here and will oocupy Mrs. Higgiu's house on C street. Dexter wants electric lights. Fred Laubengaycr lias reopened his saloon. Messrs. John Conlin, R. Ganeglity and Miss Lillie Bross received certificates at tlie last examinafcion in Aun Arl Editor Thompson of tin L'exter Leader has pnrchased a hom . Mr. Dolan and fatnily. of Piuckuoy, wero ■;;]!, ' -,-iday to attend the funeral of hor father. Miss Lizzie Fitoheil, of Ann Arbor, visited our high school Monday. M. S. Cook is home froni Detroit. Mr. Wedemeyer will give the coinmencement address on the evening of , Juno 21st. The seniors nettcd $10.80 at their social Satnrday evening. Miss Bridget Dermerly was in Dexter Tuesday. James Lyinan aiid son were in Dexter Tuesday. Dr. T. J. Ritte, of Wadsworth, Ohio, is in the city. Mrs. A. Watsou is entortaining her sister and husbaud. Jaines Hanna has moved inio the house recently vacated by G-eorge Lamb. H. Van Pleet and family, of Detroit, are visiting in town. W. W. Bostwick and fainily, of Owosso, have been visiting iu town before leaving for Lake Charles, La. , where he has a position as master mechanio with the Kansas City and Gnlf R. R. Henry Sloan and family have been eutertaining frieuds for severa! days. l Miss Myrta Taylor spent the Sabbath with friends near Pinukney. Mrs. J. D. Stannard has rotnrned ! frora Hillsdale where she atteuded the j W. C. T. U. oonvention. Ben Culy left Mouday for West Caro, ! Ohio, in compiny with his consins, Mrs. Newell, of Colorado, and Otmar Lntz, of Ann Arbor. Arthur Collins has been promoted to day operator at th same place. Mr. Martin, of Oxford, takes Mr. Colliu's place at the depot. The rain so anxiously looked for carne at last ia heavy sowers. Quite a unuiber from here will attcnd the May Festival at Aun Arbor on Friday and Satnrday. The action begun by Calvin Lucas against the Michigan Cenral railroarl for damages for having been put off of a passengei train after his fair had been paid, 9 years ago, was finally settled in Detroit Tnesday, by the coinpany paying the amount of the original verdict, $1200 and costs, amouuting in all to more than $1500. Mr. Steger, of Chelsea, shook'Jhands with friends Tïmrsday. L. D. Ally has completed a beautiful cottage at Bass Lake. Pat Sloan made a flying visit to Pinckuey Tliursday last. Mr. Hap.-is and wife enjoyed a visit from thair daughtcr on the Sabbath. Miss Lizzie Cook, of Ann Arbor, is spending the week with her parents. The latest : The front steps covered with household goods. The Y. P. S. C. E. held thoir inonthly business social at the Cougregatioual parsonage last Friday ïiight. They elected new oíScers aud a large attondance oí iutereated persons was iudicative of the spirit which pervades this work.


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