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COCJNC'T., CHAMBER, I Ann Arbor, May li, 1895. f Aid. Brown rnoved that the bond of the marshal be fixed for the ensuing year at $500. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aid. Maynard, Allinendinger, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, FergusonTaylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Cooïi, Butterlield, Cady, Pres. Hiscock, -14. Nays- None. ïo the Couinion Oouncil : Your cominittee on bonds recoinmend the approyaj of tbïeiollówiug bonds: incipal - Meiven C. Petersón, MarJjjall - tjureties, F. A. Howlett, J. J. Goodyear. Principal- J. Goodyear & Co. , Druggists- J. E. Beal, C. (j. fiarliug. Principal- Artliur E. Mummery, Druggist- öureties, A. J. Mumaiery, M. W. Blake. Principal- John Schneider, jr., Liquor Dealer- öureties, John Sclineider, isolomon Baumgartner. Principal - Uainm & Walker, Liquor Dealers -öureties, Fred Brown, FredStaebler . Principal -John Goetz, jr., Liquor Dealer - Sureties, Jolm Goetz, Wm. Goetz. Principal - Abrarn S. Polhemus, Liquor Dealer- Sureties, Jacob Polhe mus, Wm. F. Olemens, Principal - Gottlieb Knapp, Liquor Dealer - Sureties, Christian Martin, Adolph Kemper. Kespectfully submitted, O. 10. BUTTEBFIELU, W. L. ÏAYI.OK. H. G. Pkettymax, Coniiiiittee ou Bonds. Adopted as follows : Yeas- Aid. Maynard', Allmendinger, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Butteriield, Gady, Pres. Hjscock -14. Nays - None. COMMITTEE ON DIOISION AND REPBKENCE. Aid. Brown asked the privelege lo so snieml the finance report as read so as to include a bilí of P. S. Banfield which was omitted in capying the same. The request was granted by the council and the omission ordered insetted. TotheCommon Counuil : Your comuiitteeto whom was referred the message of the mayor for división and reference wóuld report that. we recominend that that portion froni the wonls " I would advifio the repairiug And putting in good c.mdition of our streets " to the worda '■ would thus become a useful and acressible thoroughfare," be referred to the coniniittee on streets. Further, your comnjittee would recommend that that portion from the words " the lighting of the city " to the words " reduce tho cost of lighting," be referred to the lighting cominittee. Further, your committee would recommend that that portion which reads as follows be referred to the sidewalk eomrnittee. "It would seem to me, judging from the nurnber of people who have been injured more or less by falling upon cement walks which are left with a smooth and glassy surface, that sucb walks should not be allowed to be finished in that manner, as the y ean as easily be finisheil under a wood float nd thus do away with this nuisance. That portiou of the message relating to the smoke nuisance your committee would recommend that the council refer the same to Prof. Mortimer E. Cooley, whose investigations on the subject would be of great value to this body. Respectfully submitted, H. G. Prettyman. H. J. Bhown. A. P. Feuguson. ÍPECIAL COMMITTEE ON RULES AOD ORDEM OF PROCEDURE. To the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor: Your committee to which was referred the matter of formulating an order of business and method of procedure to be adopted by the Council upon the investigation of charges against the President of the Board of Public Works, beg leave to recommend the adoption of the following resolutions : Whereás a time and place have been heretofore fixed by the Council for the mvestigation of certaiu charges pending against Albert M. Clark, President of the Board of Public Works, therefore beit Resolved, I., That the City Attotnej l)c and is hereby directe) to lake elrargi of HaiLinvestigutiou on the part, ui tin City of Ann Arbor. II., That the Honorable Mayor be an he is hereby requested to issue sub poenas or procees by warrant to coinpe tlie attenuance of all persons and the production of al) boaks and papers be fnre the Cominon Counci) at the time u said investigatkm, which raay be requested, demanded or called for by the City Attorney or by the said Albei-t M Clark or his Attorneys; and the Mat sliali is hereby direuted to cause the sume to be served when requested by the City Attorney or by said Albert M Clark, or bis attomeys ; Pwvíded iba it' the said Albert M. Clark shall desire the service of Rubpoenas outside the limits ei the City of Aun Arbor-, the expehsesofs eb seiviuc shall be paid by the said Albert M. Clark before suci service shall be made. III. Thát tlie CouucH convène for the purpose of said investigation at the couucil ehamber in the City of Ann áxborat nine o'clock in the fpreli i, local time, oí the day heretofóre Sxëii for said investigaron, and proceed uudei : tlte following order oí biiMin'vs : 1. Roll cali, ■ ineluding the name oi Albert il. Clark, Üie respondent in said investigation. Il' the said reapondent I) ■ not present in person or by Attoi uey, proof of service ui notice shall be made and filed with tlie Clerk umi recorded, and said investijiation shall proceed. 2. Brief statement of the nature of tlie business to come before the meeting by the City Attorney. 3. Testimony on the part of the Rehitor Cliarles II. Manly and on the pari of the City of Aun Arbor, in support of said charges. To each person called as a witnesö the President shall administer the following oatli : viz: "You do soleinnly swear (or affinn) that yon will tru'e answers make to all sucïi questions as shall be put to you touuhing tlie investitjation of certain charges now here pending against Albert M. Clark, Presidentot' the Board of Public Works of the City of Aun Arbor, 80 hel]) you God." The witness shaJl then be intefrogated by one attorney on the direct examiuation and by one person on cross examination, if any cross nxamination i.s desied. Under this order all testimony tending to sustaiu the charges or either of tliem shall be offered. After the attorneys have iinished their exmnination of any ïvituess, the 'resident and membera of the Oouncil shall have an opportunity to ask the witness any question or que.stions they may desire. If any member of the Oouncil shall he called as a witness, he shall be sworn ís such and shall give his testimony standing in his place. If any objectionö shall be made to tlie introduction of testimony, the Council shall, after hearing Counsel on both sides not exceeding flt'teen minutes on a side and after debate by tlie Couacil tlien and there decide whetlier the testiinony shall be haard, by yea or nay vote; and all objecüons and technical questions arising in said iuyestigiition shall be settled and determined by the Council in the saine way. Under this order all testimony tending to sustain the charges or either of theiu shall be oflered. 4. Statement of the nature of the defense by the respondent or his attorney, limïted to 30 minutes. 5. Testimony on tlie part of the respondent under the same rules as set forth in thé tliird order of business. 6. Kebuttins testiinony, if any; and in case said rebutting testimony shall cali out any new matter, the respondent shall be allowed to introduce testimony touching the same. 7. Brief opening argument by the City Attorney, liniited to 30 minutes. S. Argument of tlie case by the respondent or his attorney, liniited to two hours. 9. Argument in reply by the City Attorney, limited to one hour. 10. The rirst charge shall then beread aloud by the Clerk, whereupon the Presidentshall put the question: "Shall this charge be sustained?" 11. uebate ny tiie (Jonnen. 12. Vote by yeas and ïiays. 18. The second charge shall then be read aloud by the Cierk. whereupon the President shall put the question : "Shall the second charge be sustained?" 14. Debate by the Council. 15. Vote by yeas and uays. 10. The third charge whall then be read aloud by the Clerk, whereupon the President shall put the question : "Shall the third charge be sustained?" 17. Debate by the Council. 18. Vote by yeas and nays. 19. The fourth charge shall then be read aloud by the Clerk, whereupon the Presidentshall put the question : "Shall the fourth charge be sustained?" 20. Debate by the Council. 21. Vote by yeas and nays. 22. If any one of the charges is sustained, the President shall put the question, "Shall Albert M. Clark be removed f rom office and the office of President of the Board of Public Works be declared vacant?" 23. Debate by the Council. 24. Vote by yeas and nays. Adjourninent. IV. And be it further resolved that the Clerk forthwith cause' a copy of these resolutions to be served upon the said Albert M. Clark, the respondent. Respectfully subniitted, O. fc. BuTTBRFIEI.D, Chas. E. Hiscock, H. J. Bkown, Committee. Aid. Prettyman moved that rule III, section3of the report be so amended that only such testimony be adrnitted as would be admitted in a court of justice. The amendment was lost as follows : Yeas- Aid. Prettyman, Coon- 2" Nays- Aid. Maynard, Allmendinger, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Butterfield, Cady, Pres. Hiscock- 12. The report of the committee was adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Maynard, Allmendinger, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayt-r, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Butterüeld, Cady, Pres. Hiscock -14. Nays - None. REPOBTS OF CITY OFFICERS. The monthly report of the City Clerk City Treasurer, City Marshal, Board of Health, Superintendent of the Poor and Chief of the Fire Department and the annual reports of the City Marshal, Chief of the Fire Department and the Board of Health were presented to the Council and ordered placed on lile. CITY TREASUKEIt's BHPORT FOK TUK Mo.NTU ENDINO APKII. 30, 1895. To the Common Cóuncil of the City o Aim Arbor : Balance on baud as pur lat report. í24,lijó l M-iNKY RECEIVED. Sewer tüx fuud- taz col i 845.16 Delinquent tax fund- Co Tl' 236 6l Cetne erj fund Mauly kiiim DuetaxAllid Al 1U ___. II 01) l'oricefund Hunfield 30' Coutiugeiit finul - Mills, lict-ucs. M.,0 Total 620.35 HUPS MONKV DI8BURSED. 24.7BO 4 Contingent l'uml i,?64 16 Main Sewer fund ruin Street fund 797H 'oor fund 324 5] Bridse, ( ulvert, and Cross walk fund r0 4'Policu 222.02 Kiremeu's fund Bflg if, Soldiers' Relief fund ;u 5r x Total 3,-J72.-J7 3.27-2 1 BALANCE ON HAND. W.iiJSl!) Contlugenl fund 1,418 79 Lal ral Sewer fund 5,W7.(iti Streel funa 2.2K I'uor fuud 1Ü7. fli 1 ulvert, and Crosswalk fa d 37:!13('. Poüoi fuud 1.K25.I7 Fireme 'a iund 2,874 'Ity Cemetery fund 2593ti Soldiere' Relief fuud 8234 Water fuud ï.'.i; Dog lax si.iHi UiiiycrsitylliisiiitulHkl bond (uu.l ._. 0 00 Delinquent tax fuud 716.20 Total 222 Uncolleuted City tax 71ti 26 Total 21J5IS1!) 21.6IS.19 Geo. II. Pond, Treas. To the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor : Gentlemen: ïhis is to certify that there is on deposit in this bank to the credit of Geo. H. Pont!, City Treasurer, the sum of tvventy-two thousand thirty dollars and ninety-four cents, -$22,030.94. Respectfttlly yours, M. J. Fritz, Ass't, Oashier. To the Common Council : I hereby certify that the pressure of water on guage at engiiie house was as follows at timea stated below : April Morninjj Noon Evcnlng Mldnlght " 3 65 lbs. 65 lbs. 65lbs. 651bs; " 4 65 " 65 " 65 " 65 " " 5 05 " 65 " 65 " 65 " " 6 65 " 65 " 65 " (55 " " 7 65 " 65 " 65 " 65 " " S 65 " 65 " 65 " (5 " " 9 66 " 65 " (35 " 05 " " 10 65 " 65 " (5 " 65 ■ " 11 05 " 65 " 05 " 05 il" 12 05 " 65 " 05 " 65 " " 13 65 " 65 " 05 " 65 ' " 14 95 " 65 " 05 " 05 " " 15 65 " 50 " 50 " 00 " " 10 50 " 50 " 50 " 60 " " 17 50 " 50 " 55 " 00 " " 18 55 " 50 " 55 " 90 " " 19 55 " 55 " 55 " 55 " " 20 60 " 55 " 55 " 60 " " 21 60 " 60 " 00 " 60 " " 22 60 " 70 " 00 " 00 " " 23 60 " 60 " 00 " 00 " " 24 00 Guage taken out for " 25 repairs 05 " " 20 05 lbs. 00 lbs. 60 lbs. 65 " " 27 05 " 05 " 05 " 05 " " 28 05 " 65 " 05 " Ü5 " " 29 00 " 05 " 05 " 65 " " 30 00 " 65 " 0 " 00 " May 1 00" 60 " 00 " 05 " " 2 00 " 05 " 00 " 65 " " 3 65 " 65 " 05 " 05 " " 4 60 " 00 " 55 " 65 " " 5 05 " 05 ■' 00 " 65 " " 6 55 " 65 " 05 i' Fred Sipley, Chief of Fire Department. "I1ÍST ANNUAL KHPORT OP THE CHIEF OF PÓLICE OF THE CITY OF ANN ARBOR FOR THE YEAli ENDING MAY 1, 1895. Office of the Chief of Pólice, City of Ann Arbor, April 30, 1895. To the Honorable, the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor. Gentlemen : I have the honor to ;ransinit to you this, the first aanual eport of this department, for the year nding Monday, May 1, 1895, which is espectfully submitted for your examination and approval. In this report is given a tabuluted statement of the work !one by this department and all other nformation pertaining thereto. Members of the Pólice Forcé : Parris Baníield, Chief, appointed May , 1894. David Collins, Patrolman, appointed Oet. '6, 1890. Reuben Arinbruster, patrolinan, appointed May 8, 1894. George Isbell, Patrolmau, appointed June 15, 1894. Robert Leonard, Patrolman, appointd Jan. 14, 1895. The total pólice forcé oile year ago onsisted of one chief and two patrolmen, the force having been increased to ive d uring the year. Yrrest.s : During the year 204 arrests have been nade for the followin offences : Assault and battery 14 Jurglaxy 1 'ar lreaking 2 Jarrying coucealed weapons 1 )sorderly conduct - 2 'ast dri ving 1 unk 30 jambling 2 agrancy 17 'nsane 2 ieeping house of ill faine 1 arceuy, petit, 15 iVostitute 1 Suspected felon 4 iolation of ordinances 152 Violatiou of liquor law 19 Suicide - 2 Total arrests 264 By inonths, the arrests were as folows : May- 21, June- 22, July- 29, August -20, Sept.- 20, Oct.- 29, Nov.- 21, Dec. -34, Jan.- 21, Feb.- 21, March- 13, pril- 13. Total- 264. Expenses of the department for the 'ear : Salaries of the regular forcé $3003.50 Wages paid to special 35.00 building city lock-up , 85.00 ïurying dead animáis 15.00 ncidentals 50.00 Total expenses $3248.00 Rarnings of the department for the year: Kees turned into city treasury- $ 228.20 Fines tiiincd into city treasury. 149.00 Fines turned iuto oounty treasuiy . 138.00 Estiwated value of stolen property recovered 1174.90 Total $1,090.10 The discipline of the forcé has been somewhat iuipröved duriug the year, and our pólice have been verv diligent is i wliole in the dischSrge of tlieir dtiiies. Tlie force justly dcserves the comuxendation of your honorable body and of the citizeus generally. I think that it will be conceded by all fair Qiinded persons that tliis department has heen successful in a lar ge degree d uring the past year in accóm. plishing the objects for whieh it is umintained, that is for the'-enforceinenl of the city and state laws within the city so as to ensure peace and good order upou our streets, for the arrest of persons violating the luw, and for the protection of property. Our city has ben remarkably tree from the deredations of the criminal classes, a result due both tothe peaceful disposition of ourcilizgns and to the vitri lenco of the pólice. We] havo had hut few cases of robbery comdared with other cities of our class. While the financia] unrest which has prevailed throughout the country for siiinc time luis thrown many men out of employment, still crime has been much less here than in many cities much smaller than ours, and the larceuiescommitted here were of a petty character, and in almost every case the ofienders were Ijrought to justice. In conclusión, the thanks of this de.jarUneiit iré due to your honorable :)ody for the active encouriigement and prompt attention that it has always re Cèived at your hands. The thanks ol lus department are also due to Mayor Darling for the land and personal altenion that he has always given to the nal ter of bi inging it up to a high degree f efficiency. Helias been ceaseless in lis eiforts to bring this important ranch of the city Government up to a superior degree of excellance. I ara personally much indebted to every nember of the pólice force for their strict attention to their Huties, and particularly to David Collins for many valued services. Believing that the coming year will show ii continued record of progress, '. ain very respectfully yours, Parris S. Banfield, Ohief of Pólice. VXMAI, REPORT OF THE CHIEP OK THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. Ann Arbor, April 15, 1895. fo the Honorable Board of Fire missioners. Gentlemen : I herein submit my sixth mnual report as Chief of the íire i mrtment, in which I will as briefly as ; jossible show the work performed by the department during the year eiiding M'arch 31, '95. The number of alarms responded to during the yeiir is h'fty-one. 51 ?orty of which were by telephone. 40 )f chimney flres causing but slight or no laumge there were fotuteen. 14 The number of lires from various other causes is as follows : lefi etive cliimneys, tour. 4 yl ttoves, three. 3 1 )il lamps, two. 2 ■ Spaiks from locometives, three. ö t " " chimney, one. 1 jasoliue stoves, two. 2 i ieating " two. 2 " furnace, one. 1 jurning rubbish, three. .31 Childreu playing witii matches, one. 1 " " " fire, one. 1 Jlotliing hanging near stove, one. J Pailors' goose, one. : 1 Sxplosion of chemicals, one. 1 : ncendiary, one. 1 jightnina, one. 1 i arelessness with ashes, two. 'i Cigarette, one. 1 ; Spoiitaneons combustión, one. 1 ioiling wax and turpentine on stove, one. 1 (Coneluded on Pase SIx). MBMIIIIM.MMIMMIIIMII III II I ■ !■ I UWÊM I 1 1 1 ■ W ' W'l I M ' ' COUNCIJL PROCEEDINGS. Continued from 8rd page. Bnnked fire under boiler, one. 1 (Jnknówn, t hree. :; The value property destroyed was $5,827.00 Insurance paid on property destroyed was 5,342.43 Loss in excess of insurance paid 483 ."7 Total m'tof;insurance carried $97,550.00 The number of miles travelled responding to and retur-ning from above alarma is forty-eight. 48 The number of feel of hose laid is 14,200 " " " chemicals used is 2 Expense of departmont: For salaries $5,167.50 " mens' bedding 25.10 " washing bedding and towels 64.00 ■' repairs on stoves 10.60 " rubber coats 4600 ' " coal 138.24 " gas Oö. 70 " supplies for chemicals 8.25 " " " nien's dept. " extra wheels for apparatus 40 00 " bobs " 24 7ó " repairs and supplies for apparatus 84. 5!) ' repairs oii exercise wagon 26.70 " building 43.30 " YA inch hose 2.85 ■■ lumber .5.71 " paiiit .70 " medicine and surgical treatment for horses 20.10 " lioise shoeiñg 70. 35 " repairs and supplies for harness 12.15 " bruslies and curry combs 4."(i " oats :il L97 " hay 89.15 " straw 21.12 " ground or mili feed 33.62 " carrots 7.7 " oil meal 1.75 " waste and polish 9. (7 " freight aud express charges 1.48 " oil 19.50 " gasoline 1.05 ', lantern, globes and wicks 2.79 " hand tools 1.65 " nails and screws .50 " salt 1.00 " soap 3.K " matches 2.41I " brooms 3.15 " ax helves 2.00 " work ou lire hydrants 9.75 Total $6422,08 Receipts for building permit $1.00 " " old iron 2.00 " " hose rings .70 Total $3.70 Following is an inventory of property and equipments under supervisión of the department officers : Land ironting 60 ft. on Huron st. and 103 ft. 8 in. on Fifth ave. Building, corner Hurou st. and Fifth ave., 66 ft. front by 62 ft. deep. Five horses, 340 bu. oats, % ton hay, % ton straw. 15 lbs. oil meal, two hose wagons, 3750 ft. 2% in. hose, one exercise wagon, oue steam fire engine, one hook and ladder truck, 220 ft. of ladders, one hose hoist 50 ft. % in. rope, one pull hook with 40 ft. % in. rope, one fork, one hay hook, one wire cutter one pair rubber gloves, five rubber caps, four 2}4 in. hose jackets, fonr seat cushions, nve norse blaukets eleven hinterns, thirteen rubber coats. 6 play pipes. 115 ft. % in. rope. 2 pike poles. 1 pole for pull down hook. 3 crow bars. 4 forks. 2 shovels. 4 axes. 7 ix helves. 14 spanners. 4 hose straps. 23 charges for Chemicals. 10 lbs. soda for chemicals. 8 brushes. 3 curry combs. 1 foot hook. 5 tie straps. 3 puils. 3 diisters. 1 dust pan. 11 brooms. 3 mops. 1 horse collar. i irollar pad. 1 two wheeled hose jumper. 3 oil cans. 4(j lbs. waste. 2 plunger riue;s forsteamer. 4 stoves with pipe. 2 coal scuttles. 1 lire shovel. 1 fire poker. 40 ft. % in hose. ' i dozeu lantern wicks. 3 chamois skins. 1 halter. 1 interfering boot. ö iron feed boxes. 2 wire scrub brushes. 1 .sprinkler pot. ti rubber buckets. 4 hydrant wrenches. 3 cap " 3 burr " 2 monkey " Í three way siainese. 3 two " " tarpanlins. ' brass sliding poles. 3 " ijougs. 3 smoke protectors. ' extra wheels for apparatus. 1 set of bobs " " 1 pair pole chains. 2 tunnels. 1 coupling ring expander. 2 dozen 2% in. gaskets. 1 4 3 saws. 1 brace. 5 bits. 1 draw shave. 1 try sqaure. 4 cold chisels. 2 screw drivers. 1 oil stone. 1 grind stone. 1 pair nippers. ' punches. 1 rivet set. 1 hauitner. 2 files. 1 gasket cutter. 1 square. 1 bench vise. 1 (3 ft. cross cut saw. 1 wagon jack. 13 beds. 5 sheets. 4i pillow cases. ÍS quilts. 13 spreads. 3 inattresses. 14 pillows. 0 blankets. 17 towels. 9 bars soap. 13 boxes of matches. 13 chaira. 3 tables. 14 lockers. .'! snow shovels. 1 11' ft. slop ladder Au American flag. Aaide from the above we have at Lhe engine hovse 1 deüvery wiigon. 1 " Bleigh. 1 conmiittee wagon. The buildings loeated in fifth and sixth wards which were built for iire department are at present iu charge oí the Board of Public Works. IPPARATU8. The apparatns of tlie department is nll in good shape. MOSIi. The 3750 Et. of hose whïch we have ia all in serviceable conditioñ. WATER Siri'l'T.Y. There has been no inciense in the Duinber of hydrants, nor extensión of mains during the year. The prestiré of water with the excepfciön of a few weeks time during thé nionlh oí Jnly and August, lias been fully up to the Standard requiied for fire protection. 1 wish to say in behalf of the mai ment of the waterworks, that. I lind them always ready to correet any dillrence that may arisé, and willing to make all repairs necessary tohelp main tain the efliciency of the Fire Pep'artment. HORSES. Tlie horse department is in need of imniediate changes and I respectfully suggest, that you confer with tlie conimittee on Fire Department in regard thereto that the reasons for and methode of may be fully discussed and understood. MEN. There have been but two changes in the mannal force of tlie Department, John Kenny minute man having resigned, his place is fllledby M. C. Ryan. Louis Hoelzle, fulltime who is atti niiing school has changed places with minute man Samuel McLaren. There have been no accidenta or sickness during tlie year. The men are working in perfect harmony ::ikI free from politica! influei wliich is due in a great measure totlvose who in the past few years have been at the head of the city government. Suggestions wil! be made at times agreeable with the demanda of the j partinent. Hoping that we will be as successful in the future as we have in the past. I very respeclfully submit the above report, Fred Siplev, Chief Fire Department The board of fire commissioners and the fire department committee extend a vote of thanks to Mr. Thomas J. Keech for accommodations given by hini to tlie fire department in turning in alafms, though the telephone exchange. ANNUAL EEPORT OF THE BOAUI) OF HEALTH. Ann Arbor, May 6, 1895. j To his Honor the Mayor, President of the Council, Recorder and Aldermen of the City of Aun Arbor, Mich. - Your Board of Health beg to make j the following report: The whole number of deaths reported during the year from Jan. 1, 1894, to Dec. 31, inclusive, are as follows : Apoplexy 1 Accident - - 5 Brain fever 0 Brights 0 Blood 3 Bloody dyseutery 1 Cáncer 5 Chronic diarrhoaa 1 Childbirth 1 Croup 1 Cholera infantum 5 .Consumption 2-i Diphtheria 1 Diabetis ! Dropsy 5 Erysipelas 1 Fever typhoid - 1 Fever soarlet 8 Fever ] Heart disease S General 3 Heart iailure 5 Hydrocephalus _ 1 Inflammation of La grippe 1 brain 1 Oíd age 9 Paralysis - 8 Pneumonía 6 Rheumatisin 1 Suicide 2 Spinal meningitis 2 Summercompl'nt 1 Ruptured blood Teething --- 1 vessels 2 Unkuown causes 10 Peritonitis 5 Your Board of Health during the last past year have had many coinplaints of existing nuisances in the city and all were abated as a rule. Only iu one instance were we obliged to resortto legal process. The health of the city will compare favorably with other cities of same population. The sewer system has materially j creased the labors of the Board of Health, therefore we respectfully ank your honorable body to make the salaries aceordingly. Respectfully submitted. Eli Moore, President. H. B. Dodsley, Inspector. John Kapp. Health Officers. KESOLUTIONS. By Aid. Brown : Resolved, That it is deemed expedient by the council to make a settlement of the case of Florence V. Srnith vb. the City of Ann Arbor, now pending in the Circuit Court for the Couuty of Washtenaw, and be it therefore further Resolved, That an order on the city treasurer for the sum of one thousand dollars is hereby directed to be made, said order to be made payable to the city attorney for the purpose of making an adjustment of said snit, and be it further Resolved, That the city attorney be authoTized on the payment to him for the use of said city by the executors of the estáte of Lucy W. S. Morgan, deceased, of the buui of six hundred dollars, which sum in addition to said one j thousand dollars is required for a ' ment of said case, to give to said executors a receipt, releasing said estáte from all liability on account of said suit, or on account of any suit or suits that may or might be brought by said city against said executors of said estáte on any judgment that may be obtained against said city by the said Florence V. Smith. Adopfced as follows : Yeas - Aid. Maynard, Allmendingpr, Koch, Snyder, Lnubengayer, Brown, Fergúson, ÉTaylor, Shadford, Prettyman. C'non, Butterfield, Cady, Pres. Hiscock! -14. Nays - None. By AM. Brown: Resolved, That the city clerk notify the banks of tliis city and receive biels for the city deposita and charge foroverdrafts, añil preñen t the sanio to the council at tlici.r uexl regular meeting. Adopted. By Aid. Bi'own : Tliat the Bnard of Public Works he aulhorizfd to purehase tvvo car loals of paving iirii-i; tor huihliug crose-walks. Adopted as lollows : Yeas - Aid. Maynard, Allmeninger, Koch, Snyder, Lanbengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Ta-ylor, SI i ad ford, Prettyman, Coon, Butterfiekl, Cady, Pres. Hiscock. -14. Nays- None. By Aid. Brown : Tliat the sum of $200 Ue transferreel irom the bridge, eulvert and walk fund to the poor fuud. Adoptcü in íoUowb : Yeas - Aid. Maynard, Allniendinger, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, FerguBOD,Taylor, Sliadford, Prettyman, Coou, Butterfield, Cady, Pres. Elisoock. - l.'i. Nays- Aid. Koel,.- I. By Aid. Kerguson : That John K. Miner he and is lieicby instructed to examine the books ti' the ■city clerk and city treaaurer at au expense not to eja:eed twenty-five dollars and retiort to the cuinmoú council at its next regular meeting. Adopted as follows : Yeas- AM. Mayuardj Aiiincndinger, Koch, Snydpr, Laubeitenyer, Browrj, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, ButterfieUÍ, Cady, Pres. Hiscock. - 14. Nays- None. By A ld. Ferguson : Resolved, That Dr. E. A. Clark be ;onfinned by this council as city physician for tlie ens'ning year at a salary of ne hundred dollars '($100.00). Aid. Brown moved as a stlbstitute that the council proceed to take an informal ballot for city physician. Adopted. The informal hallot resnlted as follows : Dr. E. A. Clark- 7. Dr. J. W:Foley-5. Dr. John VV. Boyfaii- 2. -14 Aid. Ferguson's resol;:! ion prevailed as follows : Yeas - Aid. Maynard, Allmendingei, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayar, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Sliadfrtrd, Prettyman, Coon. Butterfleld, Cady, Pres. Hiscock. - 14. Nays- Nonf. By Aid. Ferguson : Rsolved, That thirty dollars ($30.00) bc appropriated from the Street Fund ! put in newer pipe to take care of water il the nortli end of St., uear Fuller St. Referred I i Street Committee. By Aldennan Prettyman: ' the trdinance Committee i n 1 ( 'ii y Atii ney be autlxn to prepare suitable Hinendments to the City Charter covering the question of tnxütion for street spriiikling purposee and present the sume to this couneil for approval. &.dopted as follows : Yeas- AM. BjLaynard, Allmendinger, Snyder, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Butterfield, Cady.- 11. ' Nuys - Al'l. Kuch, Lnubenstayer, il iscock. - .'!. By Aid. Snyder: Resolved, That the City Clerk be instructed to procure a uoi.i dollar, have the same suitably in8cribel and incased aud prsented to Ex-Mayor C. ti. L)arling. Adopted. By Aid. Fergnson : Resolvedf That the surc of fifty $50.00 be 'appropriated from the Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk fund to build a brick eros8Íng onthesouth nido of Kingsley St. accross Detroit St. Referred to Sidewálk Corijmittee. By AU. Ferguson : Resolved, That J. A. Polhemus be einployed to sprinkld around Court House j Square and in front of the City offices ior the season at tweuty-iive dollars per year. Aid. Butterfield moved that the resolution be posponed until the next regular meeting of the Couneil. The inotion wasJost as follows : Yeas- Aid. Koch, Laubengayer, Coon, Butterfield- 4. Niiys- Aid. Maynard, Allmendinger, Snyder, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Cady, Pres. Hiscock- 10. Aid. Ferguson's resolution prevailed as follows : Yeas- Aid. Maynard, Allmendinger, Koch, Snyder, Laubengayer, Brown, Ferguson, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Butterfield, Cady, Pres. Hiscock -14. Nays - Nooie. By Aid. Snyder: Resolved, That $200 be appropriated from the Street fund for grading Miner, Hiscock, Felch and Fountain streets and putting the saine in a safe passable condition. Referred to Street Committee. By Aid. Shadford: Resolved, That the Fire Commissiouers be empowered to buy a team for the fire department, at a cost not to excee(i ($300.00; three hundred dollars. And furlher be it resolved, That the Commissioners be given power to dispose of the roan team, now owned by the department, if tliey may deern itadvi.sal-le to do so. Referred to Fire Department Committee. By Aid. Allmendinger: Resolved, That the Board of Public Works be ordered to cliánge the build ing of cross walks on Ashley and Liberty Sts. from cement to brick. Referred to Sidewalk Committee. By Aid. Brown: Resolved. That a special committee o three be appointed to prepare specifications, for tiie city printing, ask for bids and report, to the Couneil. Adopted. Pres. Hiscock appointed Aid. Brown Prettyman, Taylor, as such committee By Aid. Prettyman: Resolved, The committee on finance be requested to report, to the Couneil the ünancial condition of the city funds, am an estímate of the necessary expenses during the ensuing year. On motion the Couneil adiourned. City Clerk.


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