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For a liinited time we will give 6 bars of Banner soap, one of the best soaps made, and a fine book of views for a quarter at the stores : J. Henne & Co., Charles Dwyer, Binsey & Seabolt. For bronchitis, astlima or kindred troublesof tlie throat or lungs, take Dr. Wood'a Norway Pine Syrup, a household speeific for all these compliints. VVIiat Zoa Phora won't do for ailing wornen, no medicine will. A large assortment of Summer Lap Dnsters, Stable Blaukets and Fly Nets at prices never heard of before, at Fred Theurer's, 12 W. Liberty street. tf For Sale. House and lot, No. 102 S. State street, at a bargain if sold soon. I For particulars apnly at Rooms 108 S. State. 4wks. WANTED, FOB SALE, ETC. 0 UIT OF UNFÜKNISHED ROOMS, 81 ,-outh C Main st. :u-;jt fMRL WáNTED-Kor general housework. Vï Address C. W. Wagnei-, 2 Packard street. 3-3i) HORSES FOR SALE.- I have a few four vear oíd horses for sale. Your choice for Filty Dollars. jAMt.s(J. Alusr. Si-36 Ij'OKfeALE -a flne seuond-band Surrey and Single Harness, almost as good as new, for ale chcap. Euquire at $3Y E. Hurou 3t. 8w nüKSALEOtt EKNT-A new room house wilb agood tiarn, good well. tvogoodcis terns, one andone-hiilf lotsof huid. Terms easy. Knquire at 33 Detroit St.. Ann Albor. t 'tf. fjOR SALE.- 80 acres on Chubb St. in acre or ñve acre lots or all together. Loiií time, small piiyment, per rein Interest JasT. II. McDonald, 42 M off ut Building, Detroit, Mich. FARM TO BENTVsContatnlng aboul 300 acres plow land at Saline, Mich. Good lencos and bbrng. Water m barns Cali on A. M. Clark, 47 S. División st., Ann Arbor.or A.F Clark Saline, Micn. WANTED-A MAN in every soction at once to sellstapleg-oodsto dealers; no ped d 1 i n ,ii ; exprnenee uimectssary ; bestside line. Ï76.0P a moúth Bdlary and expenses or large ccii),riiis.-iou m;ule. Addreps, with ' stamp for sealed particulais, Clifton Soap and Manufaoturing Company, CincinnKti, Olno. POR SALE CHEAP-My house and lot on 1 the corner ol Traver aad Pontiuc streets, In the Int't li ward of tbc city of Ann Arbor. A desirable locatioa l'or wood or coal yard. By the sicie of ï. & A. A. tracks. Willium Actlon, .Januiiry 23, 1895. 9 ''O KENT.- At No. 2fl S. State St. A flat of 1 six rooms. Enquire at 18 S. State St. J8tl PIANO TUÑ1NG- A D. Urown, the well .lenoun piano tuner with C. J.Whitney, will be in ihe city soon. Orders left at the Akgus will reuelve his attention. IJERS( NS intending to put mt maple or elin - sliade trees sliouid ci respond "itli P. 11. O'BRIKN Whittaker. LH)K SAJjE OK RENIV- J,arge new oouse ■ with all modern improvéments, cistern i d citj water in houee and well near door. Will take in part payinent stnall house or lots or sumll farm near city, balance on lou time and luw interest. P. O. liox 13J5. Grand Opera House Monday, May 20, '95 STUART ROBSON Under tlie Direction of MR. W. H. HAYDEN, Presenting Bronson Howard's Comedy, THE HENRIETTÁ e, r o:so as min m mi The Comedy Success of the Century. Priees, 50e, 75c, $1 and $1.50. Reserved Seats on Sale at Watts' Jewelry Store. Seed Gorn Biisiigariai) Seed 'White Wonder" Ppo "RpPTlQ '"'t! 1est .Vielding XCl JJCdll beid bean grown. " . A good time to buy Farm Toolá, all sellin Ht cost to close out. K. J. HOGERS Farm Implement and Seed Store, 25-27 Detroit St. A FRIEND IN KNEAD Isa t'rionil n the (frocory business. Every;ody needö roceriea and we are lrieuds óf v t. body. l.ovc our enemfes too. TIh'.v cati't hurt tts. ko why beftr ill will. Partluularlj we are frien'ds of those who re4, and kneart flour. llce areafewof the rtany irade we keep. Magnolia, Success Goid Dus.. Ainic i,(J!.; i (il.c.T Knu, and Pillsbury. .: sidras ti i i r we k' p Cornmea), Graiani pk., well every ihlnir ín the way of srroi, es and veiion'l (jet as much for themaa ,e ou.uht to eil her' 5TAEPLEÏ? & CO-, PLone 141. 41 S Main St


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