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Won Through A Bumblebee

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Mvs. Ajina Dengelkolbof HopeChurch has settled her ela-irn against Paal Scandora for $30 She says he proniised to 0 if shewbïild secare evidence ble hini to win. a breach of proin e a Hope Chnrch woman had lt agamst h:m. She gc;t the ovidenco, hut he iirl not se Ie uutil af ter aed turn for $50 betore Alderman D. .) Mci4fti-ey Scaudora was caught in the toils of love by a repnted widow, with one daughter A bumblebee intervened in a peculiar way, and he broke his promise of mamare. The widow's daughter was with Mrs. Deugelkolb 's chikh'en gathering roses in their garden. They disturbed a bee which was gathering honey One of the girla gave a warning cry and called the bnsy little thing a "hummel beo. " "Youd better not let my ma hear yoti say 'hummel,' " remarked the widow's daughter "Why?" asked one of the Dengelkolb girls "Becanse that is theuameof lier lms band, who's iu the old country. She doesn't like him or his name, and she left him, " the widow's danghter explaiuecL Mrs. Dengelkolb s daughter told lier mother, and her uiother told Scandora. He wouldn't man'v the widow, and she sued for damages. A jury alardea her $300, because thero waa no proof of the existeüoo of the hnsband in the oíd country. Mrs. Dengelkolb agreed toget this fcr $50. With the aid of Max Schamberg she got official documenta confirming the story ut' the wiclow's mairiage to Hummell and of his existence. With these Scandora got a new trial, and the widow threw up her hands. The buniblebee had tunied forttöie against her. Scandora did uot want to pay Mrs. Dengelkolb'sprice, and rather than have trouble about it she knocked $20 off the


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