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■ 1 V'sh steel tanksSl'ïli 1 W with covers, ail al-Hj Xvanized af ter completion,X Xln nests of ten, 8 to 1 2 feet high and 3O to 36 nches ln diameter, at zsc. per gallon. ƒ They do nol rust, shrlnk, leak, glvel ■ taste to water, nor allow foreign 8 Istances to get In. They can be put j 1 In garret or barn and thus are protectedl Ifrom freezlng. They take no setting! %up, are oheaper than wood. Tankflr substructures of all alies made to S order. Send for prlce list anti ƒ X dealgn9 forsubstructure and f . 2k ornamental water supply. Ja I Did you rvf r slop to tliink how conipletely the Acrmoto Co. made the mo ■ bu uness ï ' Öow ü ha olizt'd this entire lino of inanufacLure becuuse of H inven tí ons, desigi i and irices, or f oio to be literal and Mrvile imitators ? mtBOM tho ete heel, tlie back pe;ued puiiiper, the high geared pow mili, tha stool towers, fixed and tilting, tho galvaDÍ.ing of werk aft er completion, the grimler centritogal foed the tmproved Irrigating aud other pumps, tho all stee pole uw - ono of the most popular tilines we eTer put on - the steol storge.and stock tank we have tonchi'd we li ive hetten.-d nd chapone]. lt js tlio thini we havo deliMcd in and it h 19 p 1 of branch liuuses, so os to have all these goods near ihose whc wint them. Tho Aer motor Co. bu bat ono more ambition. Ii wants to build and fill one more now building. ít has 2 acres of land at its present locmtfoa unoccupicd by builiiings. It ex pects to i'-omnieiice iti June to cover tliut 2 acres with a single huildintr. 7 stories high. This will give it 14 more acres of floor spoce. Then uhen tlie public deniand requires more goods than can be produced with this added space, it will refme to xtend furth?r. or in.ike any ftffort, It wíl! have done its share to siiiply th it dom nul. It wIU then turn awsv all new corners rílTILTIUT T1MK ITEXPECTSTO CONTltfl'E TO Sl'PPI.Y THE WUKL tTITH THB GREATEK PART OF IT3 WIXD WHREI.S TOWFHS, G BINDERS. VV.F.ft Cl TTKRS. prsiP-S STEELKAAnKHlZZ SUVS, 8TEBL BTOKAöB AUD STOCK TANKS, STKEL H1IÍSTIU ( TTUKS, ETC., GALTAAIXED AFTKR CO1PLFTION. IT Wil, Ij CONTIM'E TO OEAL MOST LIIiKRAI.LY WITII TUK PVBLIC, FCRNIS1I REPAIRS AT A LOVF PRICE, ARI BE THB GREAT MODEL aUARE-DEAMNiJ WIND FOWER ANO W4TEIÍ SïFPLI ICSL OF THE WOliLD. AEUHOTOR CO.. CHICAGO. WALL PAPER WALL PAPER. The Newest Designs PRICES THE LOWÉST AT OSCAE C. SOEG THE DECORATOR, 70 b. ivrTisr st. CA IV I OBTATN A PATENT? Fora prompt atiswer and an bonest opinión, write to MUNN &CO.. whohave hadnearlyfifty yeara' xperience in the patent business. Communications Btrictly conflrtential. A tlandbook of Information concerninft Pntents and how to obtain them sent free. Also a catalogue of mechanica! and scientiflo books sent free. Patenta taken through Munn & Cp. recelve special notice in the Sciontilic Americnn, and thue are brouerht widely beloretbe public without cost to the inventor. This splendid paper, tesued weekly, elegant lyilluptrated. has by f ar the larest drculatton of any scientiflc work in the world. SU a year. Sample copies sent free. BuildiuK Etiition.monthly, f2.50 a year. Single copies, ti 5 cents, Every number contains beautlfiil platea, in colors, and photorraphs of new bouses. wttn plans, enabling ouildera to show the latest desiens and secure contracts. Adrlross MUNN & CO NEW YOKK, 301 BbüADVAY. I i CQ o-g al 3 ? 5S B I fi W ! g I % B w il .#! e H j ?B 2 i 3 j 2 I 1 1 1 5 ïï 5 i ! Sfs ! ii f I I BAKERT. 6S0GEBT AND FLOUR AND FEED STORE, We keep consiantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, o. For Wholesale or Betail Trade, We shall also keep a supply oi OSKUSÏM 'S OOLD DÜST FLOUR. J. VL a-wilt 6t. Co.' Best White Wheai Flour, Bye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Corn Meal, rwl, &c, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A eeneral stock oi IRODEZIBS AND PEOVISIONS onstantly on hand, which will be sold on as rcasonable terms as at any other house in the citv 0T"Cash paid ior Batter, Egf?s, and Country roduce g-encrallv. iiJJ (ïoods Deiivered to any part of the city with vut exD-i charge. Rine & Seaboit,


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