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HEART DiSEASE 30 YEARS I Short Breath, Paipitation. Mr. G. W. McKinsey, postmasterof Kokomo, Ind.,and a brave ex-soldier, says: "I had been severely troubled with heart disease ever since leaving the army at the close of the late war. I was troubled with paipitation and shortness of breath. I could not sleep on my left side and had pain around my heart. I became so ill that 1 was much alarmed, and fortunately my attention was called to Dr. Miles' Heart Cure I dccidcd to try it. The flrsfc bottle made a dccided improvement in my condition, and five bottles have completely cured me." G. W. McKINSEY. P. M., Kokomo, Ind. Dr. Miles' neart Curo is sold on a positivo that the Urst.bottle will oenetít. All druggists sell it at $1, 6 bottles for $5, or it will besent, prepaid, on roceipt of price by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. Sold by Druggists Everywhere. AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES thiscountry has seen. - Albany Argue. IN THE North American Review are always fouml The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The Nokth American Review is recognized on both sidés of the Atlantic is the Review in the Enaflish langiiHge, and no expenditure is spared in maintaiiiing it in its unrivalled position. The Review is the mouthpiece of the men and women wbo know most abont the great topics on which Americans require nnd desiretobeinformed from mouth to mouth. lts list of contributors forms a roll of the representative men and women of the nge. Subjeets that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and Special attention. Among topics recently drscnssed are: "Wonioii Buffrage in Practico"; "l'he Re□aisaoceof Woman"; "Woman m Politics"; "The New Aspect of thp Woman Question," and "The Modem (iiii,'' by theauthorof "l'he Heavenly Twins": "The-Futureot iMarriage"; "Evil ol Ivuly Marrlages"; 'The Servant Glrlof Pature"; "The Financinl Dependence ol' Women": "Tratles-Unions tor W o ui - en" 'Tlic Lack oí Good Servants": " American Life and Physical Deterioration"; 'Oood and Bad otlKis": "The TyranDy of the Kitohen"; "The mateur Nurse"; MarkTwain'B Defense of Harriet Shelly etc, etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. The Rkvikw will putlish in VI chapters, beeinnins with the January number, the Personal Hlstory of the Second Empire, a historieal work of ansuidassed impnrtance, ivhich will throw a (lood of new liifbi upou the chequered eareer of Napoleon UI , and thf inBuences wtttota led to the callupseof his Empire in the trijrantlc i-trupgle with united Gernany, under Wilhelm I. and liis Iron Cbancelor. ft Isas laseinatmir as a ro-nanee, lieing riebiy anécdota! and fu lof Information drawn rom sources hitherto lnaccesslble, presented n the eraptafo and wlvaolous style which ' The ïnglisliman in Paris," by the same author, ïas made familiar to thousaiuis of readers. 50 Cents a Copy; $5.00 a Year. TheNnrth American Review, 3 Sast I4tli 8t., Ncn Vork. Wiêi iiasiwiDiBmus.fsiEimHctJiuissiDiJUitiMa wm Mild JrÜcTR. FimC Wow THE AMESICAN TOBACCO COMPMtY. SUCCESSOtt W HEW YORK UJt. Yf ABSOLUTELY PURE THE OLD REUABLE SWEET CAPORAL CICARETTE Hm ttood the Test of Time MORE 8OLD TH AN ALL OTHER BRANDS COMBINED rrT,!h"Ktor r.n;-lkli I.'lnmoivl Itran. J .s'yYROYAL PiLLS _vr_"v Orljrlnul nni Onïy tJcntilnc A f'ti'T safc, alwari rcliable. LAüits ak f' $1 KS l'rucKiit Utr 'Clnchrsttr s AjifjiA 7m f ifj&k?iA4frjnond Brand in Red anrl (Jld metal tic Vt v - TB9hftxr.. IM'al0(i wilh lllu" TbIíc W ■A v iJlno ot her Rrfust dangtrouti guhttitv i - Aftionsand imitations. At ÍJrugiHti, ornend 4c I i, Jy i u stamps Tor particulars, t'timnniah and B "líeUtíf for LiídU," in tstter, bj return _ Muil. 1O.00O aLlraonlnU. Same. Paper. rEhl'hetcrCiicmicalCo.,:iuiWonfcqiia. lold bj Hl Local Druggiits. l'UUud., 1'. p fi. WILLIAMS, Attornev at Lavaad Pension Claim Attorns?, MIláN, MICH. Conveyaneing: and Collections.


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