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iffiiT ■ To Carry o _At Bas te1 " Ov'1'(From tke Battl '-) Our repn Creeli Avenue, the residence of S I. jin i '.ntl in ." interview with hun brought SfttotoH' r. Robbin of his wife's experience ia a mannei Arries conviction witb his words He ,L. "lam sorry my wife is not at home tl sP M but 110 one knows better than I howW'has suffered durlna past years Por twenty years she has been al ' witli the various forms of kidney comniaintand an enlargement of the liver Sic wasoften confined to her bed fo] th-in two weeks at a timo sufiEefing untold or'ons' She lias doctored eonstantly, and T have paid out in doctors' bilis for her alone as niueii as $900.00, and tben her relief was only such that she would bo able to be around for a spell. Some time ago" j he feit the symptoms of another attack on, such is a pain in through the , kidneysand back. I hardly know what índuced me to get a box of Doan's Kidney Pilis instead of sending for the family ohys'ician; however, I got some and she ommenced their use. It was a surprise to us both to see their action ; the attack ; was 'wardcd ofï, and she continúed taking : them with marked improvement each day of their use. She is better novv than she has been in years, the pain in the back and others in the kidneys have entirely gone. Hardly a day goes by that we do not mention the great good Doan's Kidney Pilis have done her. I was always opposed to patent medicines, but confesa thfit my I wife's experience with Doan's Kidney Pilis has done much to change my opinions. If it were not for those pills sho would not have been able to be out this afternoon. Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by all dealers_price, 50 cents. Mailed by Fosterllilburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the U. S. Remember the name, Doan's, and take no other.


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