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Gen. Howard's Enterprise

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"General O. O. Howard and his brother, C. H. Roward, have become interested in one of the largest and most promising irrigation enterpnses ever nndertaken in this country, " says James W. Wilson, one oí' the publishers of Farm, Field and Fireside. "At the Victor narrows of the Mohave river, not f ar from San Bernardino, Cal. , isa natural reservoir of 100,000 acres. The land is practically level and euiTotmded by a wall of granito hills. Government ríghts have been already secured and a survey made. A dam 150 f eet high will be built at the foot of this reservoir, where the Mohave, the largest river in southern California, flows tbrotigh a narrow pass between high granite bluffs. "Nothing could be more propitions than the location of this reservoir, and the land to be irrigated consists of 400,000 acres of the best government land in California. Theprofitof thecompany will come, of course, wholly from the sale of water rights. The land can be had from the government by settlers for $1.25 an acre as soon as it is ander irrigation. "


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