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Nothing Too Good For The Baby

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How'd I get here? Well, I'll teil yew. Et happenod this 'ere way : Thero cu."i er bran riew baby ter my house hol t'utüer day- Er wri-nty-teenty crittur no bigger'n yure hut, Er littlo wrinkled squaller an er maas uv red an fat, An I've lukod at thot kid purty clus, an reclly I declare At I kaia't see no buty, but my wifo she sez et 's thcre. She sez et's the purtiest babby w'atever shc did see, But where the purty cums in at is er tlnng 'at puzels me. Well, sir, thet's neether here nor there, but et's er shame, by gunj, The way the farnbly treets me sence thet same yung un cum. Afore et cum w'en I'd git hum I'd fin my dinner hot, With the cabbaj an the taters jes' a-steamin from the pot, An the dinner table shinin. an er set so nice an neat, An my slippera allers reddy jes' ter slip 'em on iny fpet, An my folks all payin 'tention ter everything I'd say, But things is changed there summat sence thet babby cum ter stay. W'en I cum hum in eventngs now, my dinner ain't begun, An I hev ter wate in pashuns till they ehews ter got et dun. There's no wun brings my slippers, an my bed ain't made no more. An l hev ter olean my own room an dust an sweep the uure. They're all 'tending ter the babby frum the mornlng ontil eve An Iets tliH house go all ter wrack, an, hones'. I b'lofve, The folks don't keer fer me no more like onct they tiseter lü 1, An they ain't got eyes fer no wun 'cept thet little red faced kid. Well, my pashuns broke completely. thoigb I'm meek i:z I kin be, An I went off un ,-ot ro:iring drank, an tüt p'leecem&xi 'r. But my bruther's cunnnm down here, an he'Il git me out on bail, An I've 'bout raiido my min up 'at vv'enl git outcr j;iil At 111 jos' maka er bee line an teil t i ter hum 'At tl; ■ man w'at pays expense!; :nust be consideivd suni. I got m.'thin gin the kid ut all, im 1 don't keel w'at they do, But I'll jes' let the know et's iia's gol sum rights too


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