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Estáte of Z elotes Truesdel, TATKOF MICHIGAN, (JOUNTY ■ tía w, A i a & be Ion i f i h J '■ 1 : u'iiy ot Washtt n tw, bol ■ n il the i f oí A:p u A rbor, ou . the 26th day of Api veai O'.''i( ■! bundrtMÜ aud ninety i. . PrébCii , J. Willnrd Babhitt, Jodin oi i In thf matter ol' ihn ostitte oí Z vlot-t-s Trues, del, deCi in exeoutör of the last will I and tes taaien ofn-tid de i uto court i . en s toat he is uow prepared lo rendei nis tumi account as bucIi i ju i l" ' ' u [ion it i ord red, that Frida, the 3]sl d;ty oi' M;i , in: x t, al two r1 the uierd on, t) aasigned fui ex imiaing and allowing bJi account md tl-:it the devisoes, l galei s and heiw at law uf s . il deceasedj and all ti h r wrions iui teren ted In SHid estHte, ure rf quini to appear ata 1 Bfssloo oi 8nïd Court, then tu be holden at the i l'r bnto office, in ibe City of Ai n Arbor, in sald connty, aud show oaue, ifany there be, whv tht saidavcoual should not bealïowed And it fa further erdered, that Bnfdexecutur give notlce to the porsons in i er S'.ed in sald t state, uf the pntiincy , of s&id account, and ti e aiiug thereöf, hv uausmg" a copy of ihis order to be publiihed in the Aun Arior Argru, newspaper prinied and eiren iaiir.L' in saitl eountv Miree sucoeselTe euks previuub to Baid day oí heárinpr. J.WXLLAKD BAB1UTT, [A trnecopy] Jiulge ol" Probate, W.G. Dott, Probate Res ia ter. Notice to Credltors. SÏATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜNTÏ of Washia oaw , as. No) Ice im bereby -iven, that by an ord:r of the Probate Court for the ' Countv of Washtenaw, made uu the tourtoenlhday i.r' Januarv A. D. 1898, ajx uonths trom that : date wnre altowed for ereditors to present thcir , i'luimc againat thö estMte of E teil y JJ# Danoer, lnteof snit] countY,d(H'eüí)ed, and tbit hl] creoitora nN;iii! deceased me required topn sent tlicir olnima ro said Probute Coart,at the fc róbate Ottie in the city oi Aon Arbor, for examlnation and allowivnce, on or before the fifteenih day oí July, next, and that puch claims will be heard before said court, on the .flftoen'h day ot' April, and on the fifteenth day of July next, at ten o'clock in In? forenuon of each of'ssüd (iays. Datcd.Ann Arbor, January 15, A. D.895. j. WILLARD HAIiRHT, Judgeof Trobate. i _ - , , - . Estáte of Horace Carpenter. STATE OF MICHIGAN, C0UNTY ol WasMenaw, ss At a heBsioaof the Probate í Court for the County ot Washtenaw, holden at the 1 Probate Üftiee in the city ot Ann Arbor, on I Friday, tbc twelfth day of April, in the ! year one thousand eight huDdrud and ninety 1 five. Present, J.WUlard lïabbitt,.Tudpe of Probate. In the matter of tbeestateot Horace Carpenter, deceascd. On readiní and fllingfthe pttition. Ouly verifled, j of Newland C. Carp6nterpraying that a ctríain inPtmment now on flle ín thla court, purportlug to bc ii true copy of a lost last will anO trittraent of sa d decpanMi tna bc ad mil led to probntc a ml tlitit administratlon of saii estuté muy b' frjantedto himself, and 'os nh H Vante, the cxecutorain Süid cnpy of lost will named, jor to bOme other siittablc persoo. inereupnp it laoruereo, tnat nor.ttay, itie l.itnday of tay next, at ten o'clock in turenoon beassigned lor tbc hetirinfrof aald pet ítinn, and that the devisees. leñatees and heirs at law of said deee;iS'd and all other persons inleri'sted iu guid estaie, are required to iippear ui h sesalon of said court. ttien int holden ut the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor. and show cause, i f in y i lie re be why tlieprayer of tbe p;-tiiioner whonld not be uranfed. And it is furthrr ordered Iliat said pc'il'oner Live otice to tLe pprsonn ínterested iii gaíd estáte, oí the peodei ey of snid pel ilion and tlie hearing cautsing a cpyofthip order to be pubtiaiied in tlie Ann Akbor Akgup, h ucwspuper printed and circuiatt-d in paid nounty three sucréssiTfi weeks prcvfous tosaid day of hearinsr. J. VVIIXAKI) E VBBITT, (A true co. ,. Judgeof Probate. ff.(i Dotv Probate Kemster. Notice to Creditors. , TATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF ■ Washtenaw, 8s. Kotice is hcreby í:ívimi, that b aü order of the lrobatc Court tor tlie County Of Wiishtenaw, raade on the 4th day of Marcb A. 1). 1?9). ftix mont.hs (rom that dute wert allowed forcreditora to present their clftima ftffainst tin' (slte of hydia tíuthc-rlarid. Inte of wiid county, dceeased, and tlnit all cicditors of said deceased are reqnlred to present tbelr claiuih fco aid Probale Court, at the Probate Otiicein the oitvot Ann Arbor, for examination and alImvanee, on 01 before the -ah day of Seplctüber next, and tbat such claims will be hcard belore paid Court on tbe4th day of Jure and üntoo4th da" ofSeptember Dezt,at ten o'clocb iti ili toreooon of each "t said days. Datod, Anu Arl.or, March 4th, A. U. 195. J. W1LLAKD BABU1TT, Jndre of l'roijate. Real Estáte tor Sale. JTATE OF MICHIGAN, COU.XTV OF In t lic mat tor of the estáte of Jacob Melnzmaon. deceased, Notice Is InTihy iriven, that in pursuaneeof au order irrnnted to the nndersigoed, .■KiminIstrator oi the c-Ntatc of said deceased, by the Hon. Judpre ot' Probate for the County of Waabtonaw, on the liitli day ol April. A. I. Isu'i, thcre will be sold at iu lic 'eii(lue. to the nuzbest bi 'der, at the DOrth-eas corner of West Williara and Third streets, in the city ol Ann Arbor, in the ( oun'ty ot Vashtenaw, in saiu state, on Stïturday the 25b daj of May. A. I). 1895, ut two o'clock in the af ternoon of ihat day (subject to all encumbrancee by mortgase or otherwise e. stitii.' at the time of tbc i-ale; the following described reai est ate, to-wit: All tliose, piuce's of lund in the city of Ann Arbor, Waslitenaw county. Miehigau, described as l'ollows: Ist, Lots one and two in block three south, range two west, excepting there frotn four rods In width off irom the soutb sulethereot 2d Oommenctngon tbe sou tb ff es1 corner of blonk three soutb, range one west, thence runniiifr north on the west line of said block onc hundred and tvenry-flve feet, i henee east parallel with the sou th lme of said block three and one huif rods. thence soutb parallel with the west line to the south line ol said block thence wOït to the place ol' begin niii!.'. Sd.Commenelngat apoint three and one half roüs east of the south-west corner oí block tlireesouth. range one wi sr, thence runnirig north parallel with the west line of said block. one hundred and twenty-iive feet, thence east pari Hel with south line three and onc-iialf rods. t henee s'.uth parallel with tbe wesi line to the soutb line of satd blook t hene e-I mi soul li line of block tj t lic p!nee ot be g1nninj?.4th,CommenoiHgai the boui li-east cor ti. r of lot elght, in bloei tbree soutb of Huron rabge one west, aooordlng to the plat oi Win. s. Ma.vnard's addition and running east on the south liire of lot number nlne, two rods, ttienee north two rods eaSI ot tin line of said lot. one cbaln and tbirt-sizlink .'. ' st i wo rod3, thence south on lii said lot one ehain and tbirty-sis links to thi g and east one ri mí in width aff f rom the south on" bundred and twentytive feet in lenifth of :ots sevon and eighl : i Baid block thri-e south, range one th. Commencinjrat a point in thewfsl ' nlock three eouth. range one west, in Wco t9 ■i lynard's addilion, onelni dredand Iweatyi nortn of the south-wesl coi i said block, thence running north on th line of said blook flfty feet, thenoe ea-1 pat' :ill 1 with the soutb line it lot six in sa,i Wock to the west corneroi 1! ten ii said block, thence soutb on tlie w-s1 line o. said lot tlfty feet, thenoe west parallel wit 1 lie south line of said block lo the place of be ginning. HENK Y J. MANN, Adrulnistratoi'


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