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PittsbüRG, May 18.- The ! ers of the gea'eral assemby of the Presbyj terian church aro arriving liere rapidly i and talking over the business that will be attended to by the assem bly. The mos) important subject to come up is that ol tbe control of tho theological seminaries, which was brought to the front in the last assembly by the condemnation ol Professor Briggs, who was charged with heresy in his toachings. The question discussdd is the response of the theological seminaries tr the requests of the last general assembly. These requests ar regarded by the country at large as almost mandatory, and were in brief thal the seminaries ahould bu under the direct control of the general assem bly. Training; School Too Independent. It was the indorsement by the schools in which they taught of Professor Briggs, of Uniou, aud Professor Heury P. Sinith, of Lane, af ter these men had been discredited as teachers by the general assembly, that aroused the last namod body to a realization ef tho growingindependence of these training schools for the minlstry. While posini as Presbyterian schools, ■upposedly orthodox aud receiving sup' port and patronage as such, the seminaries might, if the action of trustees and faculties was uneontrolled, depart radioally from the doctrinal views of the general assembly, which are supposed to be representativa of thu entire country. That was the view taken by the assembly. What tliO Aaseinbly Demanded. Accordingly the last general assembly forinulated requests in about the following language: That the seminaries shouirt amend their charters with aclause declaring that they held their property in trust for the general assembly of the Presby' terian churoh. That no eloction of trustees, directora, or other governing offlcers of seminaries should take effect until approved by the creneral assembly. That the election, appointment, or transfer o( professors should be submitted to the approval of the general assembly. That the seminaries change their charters with a olause declaring that in the event of the misuse or diversión of the funds or tho property the general assembly should have power to provide against such abuse by appoaling to the civil courts. Sume Seuiiiiaries Incliued to Straddte. To each of the eleven seminaries of tha church these pronositions were submitted, and a committco of ministers anii laymtin appointed to ïr.fluence the schools in the right way. Kor some reason dotermination of tue quesciou was generally deierred until thu last minute before this yeur's general assi-mbly. üwing ta the lateness of their consUleration and the disposition sliown by some of the seminaries to straitdle, alming to give no offense t; the ü'"eral assembly while Btill rotainins their autonomy, the fat o( tlie assembly's requests is not very clcar. It is evident-, however, that they have failed of complete acepcance.


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