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Action Of The Seminaries

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The committeo having the matter in uharge will report, it is said, that Omaha, Danville, Dubuque aud Xewark seminaries have accepted the plan, and that Princeton, McCormiok and Allegheny have pructically adopted the principie. This leaves opposed to the plan Auburn, Lane and San Francisco. Union has already broken away from the limited control at present oxercised by the assembly and is not expected to rept nt at present. Those reported as consenting to a surrender of their indepeiulence are the 6uiallest of the seminaries. The "adoption of the principie" by Princeton, McCormick and Allegheny is apparently a euphemism of the committee lor a mild rel osal As it avoids all antagonism oL the general asseiubly it may be accepted by the committee as a substitute for a more complete submission. The position of McCormick seminary (Chicago), like that of ochers, has been variously regarded, in some quartier being looked upon as a deiiunce, in othors as an acceprance of the assumhly's programuie. The position enken by the seminary is clearly stated by the Rev. Simon J. McPherson, pastor of the Second Presbyterian church, and one of the trustees of McCormicii seminary. He says the seminary is not at variance with the general assembly, but dois nor, wish to surrender control of the in.-titution to ftny borty of men. T├╝nre are other qucstiona to come up, but the seminary issue is the ovor.-hadowing one. The flrst qiK'Stion thal will interest the ilelegates, nciwt;ver, is the electiou of moderator. A nuinbur of dark horses are coming tothc front as candidatos. Among the h-.test to appear ara the Rev. J. G. Blackburn, D. U., of Covington, Ky. and Ur. Maiun, of California Those who attended the meeting of the assembly at Portland, Ur., reflecO on th fact that a pool was lormed by various delegations which mot on the way who were successful in the election of their candidate. It is possible that the western delegations may repeat these tacticB previous to the election of moderator, and succeed in breaking all slates but thoir own.


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