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Sensational Stories Has He Kept His Pledge?

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During the past year the Detroit Ev1 ening News has shown niore than its accustoined tenrlency to the worst f orrns of newspaper sensationalism. Last fall it published a Halloween story, in which j t was stated that parts of htiman bodies from the dissecting rooni were burned by the students on the campus. There never was one iota of truth in this story, and recently the News itself has stated that it was false. The nest thing was the famons sansage story, in which it was stated that a medical student, who was in the habit of bringing sausage to the dissecting room to eat, was served a practical joke by his fellow students, whu took ont the meat of the sausage and replaced it with hum au fiesh This story was told as i happening during the present school I year, and the correspondent of the j News boasted in the U. of M. Daily, of I being its author. When brought to task about it, he voluntarily fumished the following deniaï, which is now in the possession of the medical faculty : "In regard to the recent coinmunication appearing in the Daily over my name, concerning the sausage story, I sincerely regret that the same was written. I flnd that I was grossly misinforrued and my reflection on the medical professors and students I flnd uncalled for and unjustifiable. " (Signed) Norman M. Cameron. Nowithstanding this written denial of the truth of the story, nearly every newspaper correspondent who has reported the expulsión of Mr. Cameron from the law department has stated that in expelling him the faculty admitted the truth of the story. After writing his retraction, Mr. Cameron again attempted to claim that the story was true. He told the Dean of the Medical faculty at flrst that two lady medical students had informeel him of the facts. When asked to name the lady students ho was unable to do so. He next claimed that the joke had been played upon a male medical student. The name of this student he could not give. Finally a dental student, who, on account of a nervous disease, is sup posed by those who know him best to be unable at all times to distinguish between what he imagines and what actually happens, stated that two years ago, when he was at work in the dissecting room, he found in a sandwich which he was eating a piece which he thought was human skin, but was not sure. Students, who worked on the same body with this dental student never heard of the story until it was told with the object of clearing Mr. Cameron 's skirts. Still later, the Evening News told a story of how base ball was played in the dissecting room one af ternoon during the past spring vacación. The Dean of the Medical faculty has investigated this story and is able to prove by students and demonstrators who were present every af ternoon that nothing of the kindever occurred. Mr. Snow, the editor of the News, states that the story was told him by an eye-witness, but the name of the eye-witness he refuses to give. There are a number of respectable youug men who were in the room every hour which it was open during the spring vacation, and they are ■ ready to give oath that nothing of the kind ever happened. On the morning of electiou last fall the voters of Ann Arbor were nrged by hand bilis to rernembar that a vote for Mr. Kempf, who was running for the legislatura, was a vote for the best interests of Aun Arbnr aud the Uuiversity. The city of Ann Arbor tooi-: Mr. Kempf at h is word and voted for him by a large majoritj'. The qnestion uovr is were they bunkoed. We have yet to hear what Mr. Kempf lias done for Ajhi Arbor. We know that the Universiy has secnred nothing and we find that when the qnestion of removing the homeopathie school and hospital to Detroit carne up in the legislature last Wednesday, Mr. Kempf failed to vote although he had voted on questions of no interest to Ann Arbor iminediately bef ore and af ter the vote on the queston of snpreme interest to Ann Arbor.


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