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Killed By Their Armor

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One of the interesting features of th late czar 's funeral was, as usual, the two mea ciad in rnediaeval armor, one on horseback and the other on foot. The inouiited knight had his visor open, and his armor was of burnished gold, which glittered in the sun. He j eymbolized life. The other was on foot. His armor I was coal black steel. His visor waa closed, and in his hand he bore a drawn two handed sword, the blade of which was shrouded in crape. He symbolized death. The weight of these two suits of armor is so great that, notwithstanding the most gigantic men of the imperial guard being selected to don them, the one ou foot who offlciated at the obsequies of Emperor Nicholas I feil dead from exhaustion on reaching the church of SS. Peter and Paul, where the imperial mausoleum is situated. Wliile at the funeral of Alexander II the black knight fainted during the maren from the Winter palace to the place of internient and was carried to the hospital, where he died the same night. A similar fate overtook the black knight at the recent czar's funeral. 16 was observed that he could scarcely drag himself along during the latter part of the procession through the capital, and on reaching the fortress he sauk unconscious to the eround and has since died. - New York Advertiser.


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