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■ you money, get you hlghest market I ■ price, and make you prumpt and iull I returns on your P " vVJL WW 1 13 Our xporience of 29 years is worth mRVj Mct somethingto you, our reliability also I Hri jM Ask Chicago Baiikers or Morcantile wSFM jkÊ Housen about us. Sacks free to AB ■ chippers. Write for "YVool Letter." Silberman Brothers, 305-314 Michigan St.( PALACE STEAMERS. LOW RATES, TOMA('K!NAC # FE OSKEY # CHICAGO # Pour Trins per Werk Between Toledo. Detroit &nd Mackinac Petoskfy, the "Soo." Marqtjette and i)ulüth. KVliKY EVENING BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Oonnecting wlth Earlleol Traína at Olereland for all jioinK East, Êouth and ■Soul li S ii ntlay Trips, Juno, .luly, August and September Only. 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Have ust been built for our Upper Lakc Boute, costlng Í3UO,OOU cach. Send for Illustrateapamphlet. Address, . . SCHANTZ, O. r. A., DlTBOir, MIOM. The Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigatiou Company. R1 K vvi" buy a 8tronp, well-built, open p-J buggy, newly painted and m iirstclas6 order, t 47 8. División S1 . 34-31 LaNÖ PLáSTER] LIME AND C F.M EXT. DRAINJILE. LOUIS ROEDE, Main Office- 36 E. Huron Street. Yards- 50 West Huron Street. L)( A. MAC L'ACHLAN, M. D. Diseases of the EYE, EAB, NOSE and THKOAT OflBce, cor. of Main and Washington Stroets. Rei-idence, 14 S. State Street. Residence telephone, No. VU,. Oüice telephone No. 134. Hours: 1O a. m. to 12 and Lto 5 p. m. EISE3JBARTH LIVER PILLS Wil] sümulate a sluggish sjstem into healthy action . MANN'S DRUG STORE 39 S. Main Street. ZE WHITE TOKAY The Best for al] Purposes, MANN BliOS., Drug{fi8ts, 39 S. Main St. - TANN ARBOR. a GRairo OFr'Eïtï CDKL MME. A. RÜPPSST'! rtlËË FACE BLE ACH z&r. WIWE. A. PUPPEST XS j K SftyB: "1 ::ypr?ciatö t' ■ jyZkiá',?' 5jTOl tbat thore a:e luiiny thou6jSkijilSSM Knnlsofladlc'sliitlK' United ". S éf AaiSCT State3tb-itTriiult!liküt)try HP"B myWorld-íícuowntd FACB N-, ar VH Bleaciï: but bave l n jBtifö w" vy kopt from ö(ing eo on acfBL . fflfr countof pri-r,wlich iï.?2.00 JnL KJ& per bottleor ;boulest::;vn JmrflPy, SÊSm toirether, 65.00. In i.i.lcr S?SÍS' SW that allof thebc ai:.; iSSÍ lL an opiHïrtunity , J wlll Kivo Sá&T. v' toevery caJIor, absolutely -f free, a sumple bottle.and world.Iwtllsond ltsafely packedin plainwrapper allcbarges pre patd, ior2ó cents, silverorataiup." In evorycaseof freckle. plmp)a,motb,,blackhends,aene,eezemn,oiliness.riniih- nesa oraay discoloration or of the kin, and wrickles (not c::i!seci br facial expresslon) KACH Bleach removes absnlntety. It does not cover np, as cosmetica do, but is aourc. Addross MLAIÍAME A. 3HJIPEKT,(Depl. O.) NO.6 Ea8tl4thSt.. NEW YORK CITY. Pensions! Il' , on want a Hension, or re-ratlng, or any nnestlou answervd In Pension or Patent cases wrlte J. U STdBKWBATHEK, Attorney, 1 orneo, MIcb. Mr. Starkwoather securrd over ten per cent. of all original Pensions allowed in Michigan for the month of August, 1810; 603 allowed. - Detroit Kreo Press. Sealed Fruposals SKALED 1ÍID8 wlll be recelved at the City . ti ce o lil noon of Frldaj, May :in, l9i. di1 tlie oonMt ruction of appruxiuiateJy J W in lc8 of 4 CO !,' inch pipe sewers, tojiether w 1 1 li t he nee. ssary man-holeg, llusli tanks. etc. PlanH, profilt.'S, speclflcatlons, lnstruetionsand f'iiüis ofiproposalsareon Hie ui tlieengineer's ollU-f A. M. CLAHK, iro8ldoi't of the Board of Public Works. (;. V. Mim.s. Clfrk. .iy 1:5. 18ÍB. thTartImateur Best and Largest Practical Art Magazine. (The nnly Art Pcriodicui awsirded tt Muilal at the World's Fair.) Invaluftble tn aU who ITteJl in make thcir living by art or U mnhe Uieir hamen beautiful Fnr Ifll vo wlil send to any one tt A rwi iwv mentionlng inte I í JA tlon a specimen copy, with suporb JVW color pintos forcopyinpr or framinic ) and 8 snpplenientary pages of deslins (regalar Ïirice '■'?). (r ÏOR 5C we wlll send also rait-,liiiis for llejciuiiers" iW pages) nOKTACI'E MARKü, x& Union Square, KÍ. V.


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