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The Episcopal Conventions

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The sixty first annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal ehurch of the diocese of Michigan will be held in St. Audrews parish on next week, beginning on Wednesday. On Tuesday there will be held as adjuncts to the convention the annual meetings of the diocesian branches of the Wonian's Auxiliary and junior auxiliary to the board of rnissions. The opening services of these organizations will be held in St. Andrew's church at 9 :30 a. m. and will be followed by the business session, which will be held in Harris hall and will continue throughout the day. At 7 :30 p. ui. there will be held in the church the annual missionary service of these two societies at which the sermón will be nreached by the Rev. Williani Prall, of St. Joim's church, Detroit. The meetings of the two auxiliarles will be attended by about two hundred delegates from various parta of the diocese. The Opening service of the convention will be held in St. Andrew's church at 10 a. m. Wednesday, and will consist of the celebration of the holy communion, the Right Rev. Thomas F. Davies, bishop of the diocese, being the celebrant, with a sermón by some prominent clergyman of the diocease Immediately ifter the opening service the convention will adjourn to Harris hall where it will organize for business, to continue in session during the remainder of Wednesday and the whole of Thursday Among the matters to be trausacted by the convention will be the election of the various diocesian officers, chief among which are the standing committees, consistmg of four clergymen and three laymen, the diocesian board of managers consisting of the deans of the four convocations and seven laymen chosen by the conventionand also the election of four clergymen and four laymen as delegates to the general conven - tion of the Episcopal church of the United States, which meets once in three years and which will hold its next meeting the coming October in the city of Minneapolis. Among the topics likely to be brought up which may lead to interesting discussion is the question of amending the cannoris of tue diocese so as to allow women to vote at parish meetings. On Wednesday, at 7 :30 p. m. the conven tion will hold its annual missionary meeting in St. Audrew's church, at which reports will be presented from the missionary field, stirring addresses will be made by various speakers and pledges received for the mission work during the ensuing year. Immediately after this service the rector and vestry of St. Andrew's parish will hold a reception in Harris hall for the members of the convention and the people of St. Andrew's congregation. The diocese oí Michigan comprises the eastern half of tbe lower peninsula of Michigan. Within this territory there are sixty organized parishes of the Episcopal church and forty-six missions which parishes and missions are servo;! by some seventy clergymen. The conventiou is composed of the clergy oí the diocese aud three lay delegates from each parish and one lay delégate froni each mission. It is abont twelve years since the convention met in the city of !A.nn Arbor, and all concerned are looking forward with pleasnrable anticipation to the coming session in onr University city.