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Illinois Legislative Doings

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Springfield, May 30. - The senate refused to adjourn over Memorial Day after a long discussion. A committee of sixteen senators and representatives was appointed on a joint resolution to actend the funeral of Secretary Gresham. Noniinations to various state institution positions were received from the governor. The vote by which the bilí to recúlate Street franohises for gas compauies, etc, was defeated wa3 reconfidered, but nothing fur ther was done with it. Some few bilis were advanced. The house passed bilis: Kequiring railways to maintain stations in all places of 200 inhabitants; prohibiting the use of clock, tape or slot machines; appropriating $2á5,G00 to improve the state fair grounds; to pension school teachers. Thegovernor's nominations for trustees of the northern normal school were: A. A. Goodrich, of Chicago; Isaao T. Elwood, Dekalb; W. C. Garrard, Springfleld; Charles H. Deere, Moline; Thomas J. Sparbs, Bushnell. Eastern normal- A. J. Burr, McLaan couuty; M. P. Rice, Fulton; F. M. Youngblood, JackBon; M. J. Walsh, St. Clair; Calvin L. Pleas;int, Kl Pa30. State reformatory board - Martin B. Madden, Chicaa;o. The senate conürined those for the northern normal school.


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