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Colorado has raised the age of protectio...

Colorado has raised the age of protectio... image
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Colorado has raised the age of protection for girls to 18. The hcrase, which had three women among its members, voted to raise the age to 21. The senate reduced it to 1 8. i A haircloth miderskirt is now a regular part of tlie ontfit of a well dressed woruan, and is necessary to hold the wide flariug skirts of the hour in place. Sorue Ohio girls have formedan assnciation to wear the bloomer costume. A dispatch from Elraore says that 24 women have adopted the short dress. Miss Ella Deaver of Golden, Coló. , and Mrs. Ellen Hiuitor of Alma have been eleeted treasurers of their towns. The mascnline girl has already douned the cinuamou hrown derby hat. Ignatius J. Loyola had the face of an aácetic, with sharp fcatm-es, worn with fasting, watching aud piayer. Lord Bacon had a voice described by one of his coutemporaries as "very emooth and oily. "


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